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Composition, Purpose, Term and Meeting Information

This page lists Boards and Commission, their composition, purpose, length of term and regular meeting dates and times.

Board/ Commission Composition Purpose Length of Term Regular Meeting Day Time
Arts Commission
Arts Commission Bylaws
5 - 9 members.  No less than 2/3 of members must consist of
residents or business owners within the City, Township, or reside in the Northville School District, or be an arts advocate for the community.
To encourage, develop, and promote activities in all fields of art. 3 years 2nd Wednesday 7:00pm
Beautification Commission
Beautification Commission Articles of Organization
9 - 18 members residing within five mile radius of City Hall To work with City Council and local businesses to encourage the attractiveness of public and private property. 3 years 1st Monday 8:30am
Board of Review 3 city residents To review tax assessment appeals. 3 years March, July, December  
Construction Appeals Board 3 - 7 members To review appeals to provisions of the building code or an interpretation of the building official 2 years as needed  
Budget Committee
Meeting agendas, packet items, approved minutes and a meeting archive are posted on the Agendas/Minutes page. 7:00pm
Building Authority 3 members, including the City Manager, City Engineer, and 1 city resident To establish policy and administer city bonded construction projects. 6 years as needed  
City Council     Mayor:
2 years
4 years
1st and 3rd Monday 7:00pm
Downtown Citizens District Council Not less than 9 members from the DDA district having 100 residents or more To advise DDA and Council in the adoption process of development, or tax increment plans within the district. 3 years as needed  
Downtown Development Authority
DDA Bylaws

Not more than 11 members, including the Mayor.  A majority of the members shall be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district*.  1 member shall be a resident of said district**.

To establish policy and administer the Downtown Development District. 4 years 3rd Tuesday 8:00am
Economic Development Corporation 9 members – not more than 3 members may be officers or employees of the City To identify and apply for federal grant monies. 6 years as needed  
Election Commission City Clerk, City Attorney, Councilmember not a candidate
for elective office at the election in which he/she serves as an Election Commission member
Responsible for all activities and duties required by statute relating to the conduct of elections in the City. Indefinite As needed prior to each election  
Historic District Commission
HDC Rules and Regulations
7 members, including the Mayor or the alternate selected by the mayor and confirmed by city council. and 6 city residents To review exterior architectural changes and additions within the Historic District. 3 years 3rd Wednesday 7:00pm
Housing Board of Appeals 5 members, all city residents To consider appeals from a decision of a city official in regard to City Code, Article IX, Housing. 3 years as needed  
Housing Commission
Housing Commission Bylaws
5 members, all city residents To establish policy and administer programs. 5 years 2nd Wednesday 6:00pm
Liquor License Review Committee 2 members of City Council and 1 City resident that does not hold a liquor license or have a financial or vested interest in a liquor license or liquor establishment To review liquor license applications and make recommendations to the city council under the Liquor Management Ordinance. 2 years as needed  
Northville Senior Advisory Commission
Senior Advisory Bylaws
9 members, including 3 City and 3 Township residents, 1 member from the City Council, 1 member from the Township Board, and 1 member from the School Board To advise the Senior Citizen Program. 3 years 3rd Thursday 1:00pm
Parks and Recreation Commission
Parks and Rec Bylaws
Commission is comprised of 6 voting members (Northville City Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem and one other member of the City Council; Northville Township Supervisor and two other members of the Township Board; and one member from the Northville Board of Education) Oversee budget and operations of Parks and Recreation Department, establish related policies; plan for long-term parks and recreation needs, make recommendations to City and Township for investments in facilities or expanded operations. Indefinite 4th Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September, and November, or as needed 6:30pm
Planning Commission
Planning Commission Bylaws
9 members, all city residents To review multi-family and commercial development; to recommend planning policy; and to review and recommend changes to ordinance. 3 years 1st Tuesday 7:00pm
Youth Assistance Commission
Youth Assistance Bylaws
7 members, including 2 city and 2 township residents, City Council liaison, Township Board liaison; and a School Board representative To advise the Youth Assistance Program. 2 years 2nd Tuesday 8:00am
Board of Zoning Appeals
Board of Zoning Appeals Bylaws
7 members plus 2 alternates, all city residents To consider appeals for variances and exceptions from the City Zoning Ordinance. 3 years 1st Wednesday 7:00pm