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Senior Fest 2017

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   Photos by Liz Cezat
The turnout was grand for the Senior Fest 2017 held June 7 at the Northville Community Center, with 137 attendees and 23 volunteers, including 13 firefighters who got a kick out of line dancing with the seniors.

All who attended received a raffle ticket and more than a dozen people won prizes worth $25 or more, contributed by local merchants. The cost of a ticket was $7 and included a box lunch of chicken, mashed potatoes and cole slaw, cold and hot beverages and a muffin for dessert.

Participants noted, “It was so much fun. There were great give-a-ways. We loved the DJ. The place looks so nice. I’m coming back next year.”

“The Senior Fest is an opportunity to ‘celebrate being a Senior’ in Northville and surrounding communities,” said Pam Cameron, senior services coordinator. “It means a lot for seniors to socialize with others and learn about services and products offered by the 28 vendors who attended. It’s an event that seniors and others look forward to every year.”



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