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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting on October 1, 2018

Public comments: Tim Luikart, 521 W. Cady, told Council that he and his wife, Jennifer, want their house to be out of the Historic District, noting that it’s surrounded by non-contributing structures. He also objected to appointments made to the Historic District Commission and their training. He requested a meeting with the mayor, which was granted at a future date.

Special event request was approved to hold a public and private event for Our Lady of Victory on Oct. 6 called Oktoberfest at North Center Brewing, 410 Center. Council referenced a letter from several neighbors, who oppose the event due to loud music, visitor parking on their street, and the temporary closure of sidewalks. Council questioned owner and event host Kevin DeGrood about his plans and were satisfied that the event would be well managed and contained.

Demolition of Main Street School – In July, the Northville School District voted to demolish Main Street School at 501 W. Main and replace it with four to five single-family homes on five lots. City Attorney Bob Marzano advised Council that the school board must present their case for demolition to the Historic District Commission (HDC). Marzano disagrees with the school board’s interpretation of case law and the position that the State Superintendent of Public Instruction has “sole and exclusive jurisdiction” to review and approve: (1) plans and specifications for construction, reconstruction, or remodeling of school buildings; and (2) site plans for those school buildings. Many people who attended the City Council meeting made comments for and against the plan for demolition. Council voted unanimously to legally challenge the school district to force them to present a request for demolition to the HDC.

Review of lead/copper rules – City Council heard a report from the City Manager about concurring with a plan by Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) and Oakland County Water Resource Commission (OCWRC) to request that MDEQ review its lead/copper rules governing a municipality’s repair or replacement of water lines. One of the objectionable rules, from the City’s perspective, holds the municipality responsible for removing leads on private property and paying for the work involved, rather than making the property owner responsible.

Of note: Mayor Ken Roth said he received positive comments on the Household Hazardous Waste event held at City Yards for Northville (City and township) and Livonia on Sept. 22.

Watch the video of the meeting.


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