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City Council

City of Northville seeks injunction to prevent demolition of Main Street School prior to a hearing by Historic District Commission

The City of Northville brought legal action against Northville Public Schools on Nov. 9, 2018, seeking an injunction to prevent demolition of the Main Street School. This action was taken to allow the Historic District Commission to hold a hearing to determine whether Main Street School should be demolished.

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City Council

Voters in the City of Northville had strong turnout; passed the street bond

Intermittent rain and blustery weather couldn’t keep voters away from the polls for the mid-term elections on Nov. 6. In Northville, 3,742 voters cast a ballot – a nearly 75% voter turnout, compared to 58% in the last mid-term election in 2014. On the street bond, 2,473 voted in favor and 1,102 were opposed. Thanks to everyone who cast a ballot. See (unofficial) results from all races on the City’s website.

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City Council

City Council Update - November 5, 2018

Audit report – Plante and Moran gave a presentation on the audit of the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2018. Of note, more money was allocated to paying legacy costs. While DPW costs went down, other administrative costs rose. Overall, the budget was on track and got high marks from the audit team. The budget schedule was set for 2019, with the goals/objectives meeting on Jan. 14, and two other meetings slated for April 11 and April 18, all at 6:30 p.m., in Council chambers.

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Propane Training

Questions and Answers about the 2018 Street Bond to appear on the Nov. 7 ballot

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City of Northville has a plan to prioritize road repair and replacement

There’s a science to determining how roads should be repaired or replaced, balanced by practicality and traffic flow.

The process of evaluation and analysis starts with rating roads using the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system, an industry-standard assessment in which trained analysts drive each segment of road (from intersection to intersection) and score it from one (the worst) to 10 (a new road). Roads rated 7 or 8 may require routine maintenance, such as crack sealing or minor patching. Roads rated 4-6 are considered to be in “fair” condition and may need preventive maintenance, such as an overlay or joint repairs. Roads rated less than 4 are candidates for extensive repairs or reconstruction.

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What will your cost be if the street bond proposal passes?

Property owners in Northville can assess their cost for the street bond by using the online calculator. You can find your taxable value on your summer 2018 tax statement or by looking up your property here: property tax and assessing lookup. The taxable value is no more than half of the market value. The calculator multiplies your taxable value by 0.00098. Click here to use the street bond calculator.

City Council

Polling Locations for the City of Northville and Voting Hours.

Community Center, 303 W. Main Street – Precinct 1 (Wayne County residents)
Amerman Elementary School, 847 N. Center Street – Precinct 2 (Oakland County residents)

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close promptly at 8 p.m. You must be in line by 8 p.m. in order to vote.

View the Tips for Voters sheet to make your voting experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.

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City Council 

City Council Update - October 15, 2018

Public comments: Tim Luikart, 521 W. Cady, told Council that he and his wife, Jennifer, want their house to be out of the Historic District, noting that it’s surrounded by non-contributing structures. He also objected to appointments made to the Historic District Commission and their training. He requested a meeting with the mayor, which was granted at a future date.

Special event request was approved to hold a public and private event for Our Lady of Victory on Oct. 6 called Oktoberfest at North Center Brewing, 410 Center. Council referenced a letter from Matt and Carrie Mowers, of 131 Rayson, who, along with several neighbors, oppose the event due to loud music, visitor parking on their street, and the temporary closure of sidewalks. Council questioned owner and event host Kevin DeGrood about his plans and were satisfied that the event would be well managed and contained.

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City Council


City Council is accepting applications for qualified and interested volunteers to fill an upcoming vacant position on the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission mission includes development of the Master Plan and Master Plan Updates, review and approve site plan developments, review and approve special land use requests, review and make recommendations to City Council on all rezoning requests, and review and recommend changes to the Zoning Ordinance.

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City Council 

City Council Update - October 1, 2018

Public comments: Tim Luikart, 521 W. Cady, told Council that he and his wife, Jennifer, want their house to be out of the Historic District, noting that it’s surrounded by non-contributing structures. He also objected to appointments made to the Historic District Commission and their training. He requested a meeting with the mayor, which was granted at a future date.

Special event request was approved to hold a public and private event for Our Lady of Victory on Oct. 6 called Oktoberfest at North Center Brewing, 410 Center. Council referenced a letter from Matt and Carrie Mowers, of 131 Rayson, who, along with several neighbors, oppose the event due to loud music, visitor parking on their street, and the temporary closure of sidewalks. Council questioned owner and event host Kevin DeGrood about his plans and were satisfied that the event would be well managed and contained.

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City Council

Rake your leaves to curbside, let the City do the rest

Residents like the benefit of having leaves picked up at curbside rather than bagging them and setting them out for composting. Our clean sweep of leaves is a more efficient way to compost. The biggest thing to remember is when you should be raking the leaves to the street.

Area A: North of Eight Mile: Nov. 5, and Dec. 3
Area B: South of Eight Mile: Oct. 29, and Nov. 26


City Council

Northville City Residential Infill Study

New home trends seen in the City of Northville include larger homes and garages compared to the immediate neighborhoods. The City Planning Commission is studying these trends to determine if the City’s policies and regulations provide the desired standards regarding new home construction and home additions. As part of this study, the Planning Commission is soliciting residents’ opinions. Please take 10 minutes to answer the questions available on this link to add your opinions to the Planning Commission’s deliberations. You can also answer these questions via paper available at the Building Department or Northville's Public Library. Paper copies may be submitted to the Building Department Counter at City Hall or the Library Information Desk. You can provide input until Friday, November 2, 2018.

Please tell your neighbors, family and friends that live or own residential property in the City about this study, and encourage them to participate. Thank you for your input!

City Council 

City Council Update - September 17, 2018

Public comment: John Forslund, of 350 Lake St., in Cabbage Town, voiced his concern about whether the two storm drains on his street were effectively collecting water after heavy rains. He said his garage, which is on the low point of the street, flooded after an August rainfall. He asked about the schedule of cleaning for the storm drains and whether there might be a blockage in the pipes between Lake St. and Mill Pond. Council noted that the City would look into it and respond to him directly.

Status report of historic district – Elaine Robinson, architecture historian with the Commonwealth Group, and Sally Elminger, principal at Carlisle/Wortman Associates, made a presentation during the meeting. They noted that a public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers concerning the final draft of the Historic District Study Report. It is one of three documents produced during the year-long, intensive-level survey. The other two documents are the Historic District Survey, a compilation of descriptions and photos of more than 300 properties and structures within the current boundaries; and the National Register nomination form, intended to update the current form on file with the National Register of Historic Places.

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City Council 

City Council Update - September 5, 2018

Public Comments
Kelly Breen, a member of the Novi City Council, introduced herself and noted that she is running for state representative in the 38th District.

Bill Flohr, a coach for Northville Varsity Baseball and coordinator of the Armed Forces Concert, asked City Council about being able to reserve Ford Field on May 17, 2019. Due to not having booked one year in advance, per City policy, and that a wedding is occurring at nearby Mill Race Village during part of that time, Flohr was advised by City Council to work it out with Mill Race Village.

New IT service provider – City Council awarded a service contract to I.T. Right, of Bath, MI, for a term of 10 years at an annual cost of $16,000 for the first three years, waiving a Request for Proposals (not needed for professional services). The contact takes effect Nov. 1, 2018. The City had been using Northville Township’s IT services on a contractual basis, but the growing demands on that IT Dept. made it too difficult to continue to perform service for two municipalities.
Fund balance transfer – City Council approved a request by Finance Director Sandi Wiktorowski to allow $125,000 from the fund balance surplus of $165,000 to go into the City’s public improvement fund for projects eligible for grant matches.

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City Council 

City Council Update - August 20, 2018

Zoning ordinance amendments were approved following the second reading (articles 18, 25, 26), which simplifies temporary uses. As such, food trucks will be allowed to operate in any zoning district on private property, as long as the vendor and property owner have registered that intent with the City. New temporary uses that will be overseen by the Building Dept. official but do not require a permit include the temporary installation of dumpsters and port-a-potties.

Permits will now be required for:

  1. seasonal sales of perishable items by non-profit entities on private property
  2. temporary outdoor special events held on private property where the general public is invited
  3. The temporary construction of a building or office
  4. A temporary emergency residence.

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City Council 

City Council Update - August 6, 2018

Public comments
Bill Flohr, a member of the coaching staff for Northville High School Varsity Baseball, inquired about renting Ford Field in May 2019 for a fundraising concert to benefit low-income veterans in need of housing. The special events policy currently requires that events in Ford Field must rent one year in advance to avoid conflicting events with nearby Mill Race Village. City Council will look into amending the policy to allow events to be held in less than one year if Mill Race Village has no events on that date.

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Propane Training

Training keeps Explorers at cutting-edge of new firefighting tactics and technology

Every summer, the Northville City Fire Department sends a group of Explorers – young adults and teens interested in becoming firefighters – to the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute in Champaign for intense training in firefighting and rescue skills. Two Explorers, Lucas Calandro, 19, and Brennan Mikel, 18, attended the Explorer Cadet Fire Academy in July. They were joined by Post Advisor Shari Allen and former Explorer Paul McKeever, now serving in the Air Force.

The four-day event serves some 400 people, mostly from nearby states. The students are divided into a basic or advanced group depending on their skill level and prior training. Lucas, in his fourth year with the Explorers, participated in the advanced class and practiced training with live fire.

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Historic District Commission Vacancy

City Council is accepting applications for qualified volunteers to fill the vacant position on the Historic District Commission (HDC). Applicants must be a resident of the City and a registered voter.

Although not required, additional qualifications desired include a professional degree in architecture, archaeology, anthropology, architectural history, historic preservation, or a closely related field.

The Historic District Commission meets at 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month at City Hall. More information about the HDC, and the City’s historic preservation ordinance is available here.

Applications are available here or at the City Clerk’s Office, 215 W. Main Street, Northville, MI, 48167. Qualified applicants will be contacted for interviews with the Selection Committee. Completed applications must be returned by August 13.

2018 Fourth of July Parade

Hot weather is driving water usage to a high point

In July, with temperatures in the 90s and a lack of rain, lawns and gardens are getting thirsty. Many residents of Northville are responding by watering on days and times that violate the outdoor water usage ordinance.

The City uses an odd/even watering system where homes with addresses that end in odd numbers can only water on odd days: 1st, 3rd, etc., while addresses that end in an even number can only water on even days: 2nd, 4th, etc. People with automatic sprinkler systems can only water between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m., following the odd/even rules. Those who water manually with a hose (not attached to a timer or connected to an underground irrigation system), can do so between the hours of 11 a.m. and 5 a.m., also adhering to the odd/even rules.

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2018 Fourth of July Parade

Safety Town helps children learn about traffic and personal safety

Games, talks, videos, and “driving” around a mini town are some of the teaching tools used during Safety Town, an educational program managed by the Northville Parks and Recreation Dept. It attracts nearly 200 children who are age 5 or entering kindergarten in fall 2018. There are still openings for the weeks of July 16 and 23.

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2018 Fourth of July Parade

Northville adds two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

A ribbon-cutting event was held June 28 to usher in two parking spaces for electric vehicles only, which features up to three hours of free electric "fuel" in the parking lot behind 120 W. Main.

Northville Mayor Ken Roth was among the ribbon-cutters, aided by Lori Ward, director of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), and Manfred Schon, CEO of Up2Go, a cloud-based project management firm. City Council members Sam Ekong, Patrick Giesa and Marilyn Price also attended.

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2018 Fourth of July Parade

The parade is a summer hit in Northville

The Northville Independence Day parade captures the small-town charm of the city, with more marchers than floats. Neighbors and friends wave and call out to people they recognize who are part of the parade. It’s not uncommon for some of the parade participants to stop and give a friend a hug along the route.

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City Council

Tunes on Tuesday gets the audience dancing

On Tuesday, June 26, Chris Clark performed and led the audience – including toddlers and young children – in dancing and singing to hits such as Watch me (whip/nae nae) and the now classic Macarena.

The free summer concert series for families is managed by Northville Parks and Recreation, and sponsored by the DDA, Ward Church and Community Financial Credit Union. (Individual concerts have additional sponsors.) It’s held from 10:30 to noon at Northville Town Square (rain location is at Genitti’s, 108 E. Main).

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City Council

Meetings invite public comment on 501 W. Main Street building purchase & redevelopment

The Northville School District Board of Education is evaluating proposals for the purchase of the school building at 501 W. Main (formerly Main Street Elementary School) and invites all who belong to the school district to be part of the process.

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City Council

Days and times to water your lawn and garden

There is an error in the summer issue of Northville Matters, which states that “Residents with automatic sprinkler systems or who connect a hose to the City water system may water their grass between midnight and 5 a.m. on odd or even days of the month, based on your house address.” Those who water their lawn and landscaping manually can water between 11 a.m. and midnight on odd/even days, based on their address. We are sorry for this misinformation.

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City Council

Roads repair and replacement ballot proposal will be put to voters in November

At the general election on Nov. 6, 2018, voters in the City of Northville will be asked to decide on a ballot proposal for the issuance of a $3,050,000 Street Improvement Bond, paid for over 10 years, to replace and repair a segment of the City’s roads and provide upgraded maintenance to slow the rate of deterioration. (See official ballot language at the end of this article.)

An assessment of the City’s streets made in a 2016-17 report by the engineering firm Spalding DeDecker reported that 46.5% were in “poor” condition and 20.8% were in “fair” condition. Engineers estimate at the end of 10 years, the bond program would increase the amount of streets rated as “good” from 32.7% to 63.1% and streets rated as “poor” would decrease from 46.5% to 34.1%.

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City Council

Northville Police Department now at full strength with 13 police officers

Melissa Vernon didn’t have to wrestle with her decision to leave the big-city police department of Detroit to join the ranks of the Northville Police Dept., where the pace is slower and more about assisting people in need – such as a car accident or life-saving event. Her prowess as a former student-athlete wrestler makes her ready and equipped to handle whatever comes her way.

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City Council

City Council Update - May 21, 2018

FY 2019 budget approved – City Council adopted the fiscal year 2019 budget after holding a public hearing at the May 21 meeting on the matter. There were no public comments on the budget presented by Finance Director/Treasurer Sandi Wiktorowski. Adjustments to the water and sewer rates were included in the budget.

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority – City Council adopted a resolution of intent to create and provide for a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority for the City. The authority enables communities to take the lead on cleanup of brownfield properties and fund brownfield redevelopment projects through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). Funds collected are then used to reimburse developers for environmental cleanup and other eligible costs. All plans are subject to negotiation. A public hearing will be held on creating an authority at the regular City Council meeting on July 16.

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City Council

City Council Update - May 7 2018

Bond proposal initiative – City Council approved language for a street improvements bond proposal for $3,250,000, funded by a 0.98 millage over 10 years. The Council hasn’t officially decided to put it on the ballot in November, but will vote on it at the May 21 meeting. The Council invites residents to attend the next City Council meeting to learn more about the proposal by asking questions and/or stating their views.

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City Council

Survey results show that people like our communications but there’s room for improvement

A communications survey conducted from March 7 to April 13 received 234 responses. The reason for the survey was to learn whether people are reading City News, a weekly e-newsletter; and Northville Matters, a quarterly print newsletter mailed to all city residents; and whether people are following us on Facebook and Twitter. Of each of these formats and platforms, we asked respondents what they liked about it and how we could improve.

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City Council

The vision of Jay Wendt will continue to serve the city as new developments take shape

What would prompt a business owner to invest 40 years of his free time as a volunteer to the City of Northville to ensure that builders and developers abide by ordinances? For Jay Wendt, retiring chair of the Planning Commission, it was based on an affinity for the city and a belief that new development should enhance a city.

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City Council

Mayor Roth’s State of the Community speech covers topics from roads to new development

City of Northville Mayor Ken Roth provided a comprehensive overview of the City’s challenges and opportunities during the annual State of the Community, April 18, at Schoolcraft College’s VisTaTech Center.

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City Council

City Council Update - April 16, 2018

Report from Financial advisers – Jaymes Vettraino, of Vettraino Consulting, and John Kaczor, of Municipal Analytics, presented their final report on a review of the City’s long-range financial plan, with a close look at infrastructure costs, pension funding, and expenditures and liabilities. To fund road improvements, the advisers recommended securing a $3.2 million bond (@ 3.5%) with funds generated by a .97 millage. If City Council approves a millage request, it will be placed on the November 2018 ballot.

Zoning section: Six ordinance amendments were presented for either first reading or second reading and approval.

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Communications Survey

We need your input into City-wide communications survey

The City of Northville is conducting a survey to help evaluate the effectiveness of existing publications (City News and Northville Matters) and social media (Facebook and Twitter). Click here for the online survey.

We invite responses from residents, business owners, people who work in the City and frequent visitors. The survey has been extended until April 13, 2018 to elicit feedback from website viewers.

Survey questions focus on readability, organization and reader engagement. Responses will help the City understand and respond to the community’s needs while improving our communication efforts. Those who want to sign up for City News, a weekly e-newsletter can do so here.

City Council

New Housing Director at Allen Terrace Enjoys Working with Seniors

The new housing director who manages the Allen Terrace senior apartment complex on High Street started her new job just before a cold snap of single-digit temperatures, and got to know the residents more quickly since no one wanted to venture outside.

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City Council

City Council Update - March 19, 2018

Dogs on leash at condo commons – City Council waived the second reading and approved a change to ordinance 10.2, which now prohibits dogs from running at large on condominium common areas.

Rental agreement – City Council agreed to rent the City-owned home at 315 Griswold located just north of Mill Race Village to the Living, Learning Enrichment Center for the monthly rate of $1,300.

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City Council

New DPW Director Named at City of Northville

Loyd Cureton was named director of the Department of Public Works (DPW) for the City of Northville and began his new role on March 5, 2018. Cureton oversees the delivery of essential services to the community, including water service, sewer, snow plowing and roads maintenance.

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City Council

St. Patty’s Day party at Community Center brings out the Irish in everyone

Sixty-six seniors from Northville and nearby communities celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a festive party sponsored by Northville Senior Adult Services on March 16 at the Northville Community Center. Many wore unique clothing, jewelry, hats and accessories in shades of green or studded with glitter to show their affinity to the Irish during a holiday that sparks fun and fanfare in the United States.

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Give us your feedback

Communications survey is underway – please provide your input

The City of Northville is conducting a survey to help evaluate the effectiveness of existing publications (City News and Northville Matters) and social media (Facebook and Twitter). We invite residents and business owners to participate. Click here for the survey.

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Officer Thomas Barber joins Northville Police Department

Officer Thomas Barber joins Northville Police Department

Police Officer Thomas Barber has legends of stories to tell from the six and one-half years he spent on the Baltimore Police Department. He brings street smarts, psychological insight and courtroom experience to his new role as an officer of Northville’s Police Dept.

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City Council

City Council Update - March 5, 2018

Dogs on leash at condo commons – It was the first reading of ordinance 10.2, regarding dogs running at large. A change to this ordinance will prohibit dogs from being off leash at condominium common areas since the property is shared among many residents. The second reading, and pending approval, will come at the March 19 meeting.

Parks and Recreation vehicle leases – Nine trucks and SUVs used by Parks and Recreation will now be insured, and have license plates and titles covered, by the Township of Northville rather than the City. This change was made because the department’s administrative management was moved to the township as of Jan. 1, 2018.

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Child Drinking Water

City of Northville not under boil water advisory; GLWA completes repair to water supply

The City of Northville is not under a boil water advisory and the water continues to be safe to drink. The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) completed repairs on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 22, to the supply line that feeds into the City of Northville’s water main. GLWA will chlorinate and test the supply line before putting it back in service.

Throughout the repair process, which began late Wednesday, Feb. 21, the City of Northville was able to maintain full water pressure so the water supply was not at risk. During that time, as a precautionary measure, a boil water advisory was imposed at 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 21 and lifted at 1 p.m. on Feb. 22. Northville Township residents and businesses were not impacted by the repair.

Any further updates will be posted on the City’s website, Facebook and twitter accounts. If City of Northville residents or business owners have questions, please contact City of Northville at 248-349-1300 during office hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, there will be a special recorded line at that same number with any important updates.

Updated: Feb 23, 2018, 1 p.m.

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Property Tax Assessment notices will arrive soon

The City Assessor will mail the annual notices of real and personal property assessments to property owners/taxpayers by the end of February. The assessment notice will state the “assessed value” and the tentative “state equalized value” (SEV) for both this year and the prior year. Those values should not exceed 50% of market value. Carefully review the notice.

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Water main repair on hold in City of Northville

Northville … The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Water has postponed a valve repair that was scheduled to take place at 12 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 21, until further notice. That repair would have required a line shut-down for the entire City of Northville, which would have required a boil water alert for two days. There is currently not a boil water advisory for the City of Northville. Residents will be advised if and when this changes.

For more information, look at the City’s website, Facebook and twitter accounts. If Northville residents or restaurant owners have questions, please contact City of Northville at 248-349-1300 during office hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, there will be a special recorded line at that same number with any important updates.

City Council

Northville City Manager takes helm of MME professional association for 2018

Northville City Manager Pat Sullivan is the new president of Michigan Municipal Executives (MME), leading an association that represents approximately 300 Michigan municipal managers. He served as president-elect in 2017 and has been a member for 28 years.

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City Council

City Council Update - February 5, 2018

Postage machine – City Council approved the updated pricing for a new Pitney Bowes SendPro P1000 postage meter to replace an older model that no longer accepts software updates – important for security and Post Office compliance. The Pitney Bowes meter’s cost of $6,920 was forecast to cost less in maintenance and rental fees over a five-year period than a competitive meter that had a lower equipment cost.

Banners of Veterans approved – The Northville Chamber of Commerce received City Council approval to erect 30 light-post banners during the months of May and November. The banners will honor veterans and highlight the Memorial Day parade and Veteran’s Day, respectively.

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City Council

Consumers Energy prepares to replace gas lines in section of Northville

Consumers Energy will be working to replace gas lines along four city blocks now through next week. The work area spans from Main to roughly Dubuar and from Center to midway between Linden and Rogers, with the bulk of the work along Dunlap.

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City Council

Director of Public Works retires after 22 years on the job

Jim Gallogly, director of Public Works, retired on Jan. 11, 2018 – his 66th birthday. A going-away party at the Sports Den on Jan. 12 drew more than 80 people who came to congratulate him for his role in the City’s success.

City Manager Pat Sullivan said, “Jim brought so much experience and value to the job. It’s a complicated field and there wasn’t much that Jim didn’t know. We will miss the kindness, the humor that would brighten your day.”

Mayor Ken Roth read a resolution drawn up by the City Council that called for Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, to be Jim Gallogly Day in Northville. He also honored Gallogly with praise and gratitude for a job well done. That was mirrored by former Mayor Chris Johnson, who noted that the people of Northville won’t know how good a job that Gallogly really did until after he leaves.

Gallogly was gifted with a Shinola watch and a portrait of downtown Northville, given to him by fellow employees and friends. He said, “I feel really connected here. I’m glad that you guys allowed me to run the Department of Public Works. We had a lot of good dreamers in town and a lot of doers and I’m glad to be a part of it. I’m going to cherish it always.”

Jim’s wife Lorna was also at the party. They have two adult sons and two grandchildren, and will soon take up permanent residence at a lakefront home in Indiana.

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City Council

City Council Update - January 16, 2018

CDBG funds for Senior Citizen Centers – City Council approved a resolution that details how $22,924 from the Wayne County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) will be used in 2018. The majority of funds will be used to replace malfunctioning PTAC units (individual heating and cooling units) at Allen Terrace, with the balance going toward general program administration and senior services at the Community Center. It was the second meeting for public comment on block grant usage; no public comments were made.

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Now you can pay your parking ticket online

If you need to pay a parking ticket, online payments are now being accepted. The traditional methods of paying – in person at the Cashier’s Office at City Hall, or by mail – are still available. Paying online includes a convenience fee by the third-party provider, but often saves time over mailing the payment or paying in person.

Pay your parking ticket online

  • Have your ticket handy to access the number and amount due (on front of ticket)
  • A convenience fee will be added
  • You can review the full amount, including fee, and confirm it before you submit your payment
  • Click here to begin.
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Three boards, commissions have openings for volunteer members

The City has openings for qualified and interested volunteers to serve on three boards: the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Board of Directors, the Northville Senior Advisory Commission, and the Housing Commission.

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City Council

City Council Update - January 3, 2018

CDBG funds for Senior Citizen Centers – The first of two public hearings was held at the City Council meeting regarding how $22,924 from the Wayne County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) will be used in 2018. The second hearing will be Jan. 16 at the next City Council meeting. CDBG funds are intended for the operation of Senior Citizen Centers for programs to keep seniors active and involved in their community. Housing director Tracey Emmanuel proposed that funds be used to replace malfunctioning PTAC units (individual packaged terminal air conditioners). The balance will be used for general program administration.

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City Council

City Council Update - December 18, 2017

Cady Project lot adjustments – City Council agreed to amend the option to purchase made in 2016 on a site slated to become a mixed-use, four-story building with six premium condominium units and first-floor offices at the southeast corner of Cady and Center. The original option allows for the sale of the 24-foot westerly portion of the City-owned parking lot in exchange for 12 feet of space on the north side of the Cady Project and a cash payment. The new configuration conveys nine feet on the west side to be used for eight public parking spaces, with an easement for overhead balconies. As part of the amendment, the developer will install a storm sewer under the parking lot, which will retain the runoff from the parking lots and new building. The price went from $62,454 to $58,894 based on the actual square footage exchanged.

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City Council

City Council Update - December 4, 2017

Snow removal contract awarded – City Council approved a contract with Premium Lawn Solutions, of Ann Arbor, for $8,440 to clear 14 City-owned lots during snow events of at least four inches. The cost covers four snowfalls. Additional snow plowing will be charged at $2,105 per event. This price holds for the duration of the three-year contract.

Transportation for ski club approved – The Parks and Recreation Dept. won City Council approval to continue using Trinity Transportation to transport 200 middle school and high school students from the Recreation Center at Hillside to the Mount Brighton Ski Area for the Ski and Snowboard Club’s weekly trips.

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Senior Thanksgiving

Seniors gather for a holiday meal, music and friendship

An early Thanksgiving dinner was enjoyed by 100 seniors who gathered at the Northville Community Center at noon on Nov. 15 for this lively annual event sponsored by Northville Senior Adult Services.

Seniors ranged in age from their 50s to 90-plus. Younger seniors sat at round tables conducive to conversations and filled their plates from the bountiful buffet line.

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City Council

City Council Update - November 13, 2017

Northville’s City government was sworn-in by 35th District Court Judge Jim Plakas. Patrick Giesa was sworn in as the new member of the City Council, replacing the seat previously held by Jim Allen. Mayor Ken Roth and City Council member Sam Ekong were also sworn in as they continue their roles.

Boards and Commissions – Mayor Roth asked City Council members and the City Manager about their preferences for serving as liaisons on boards and commissions and will take their choices under advisement

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Northville launches StoryVille - Holiday stories that warm the heart on cold winter days & nights

Imagine huddling around a lit storefront in downtown Northville with family and friends or just one special person, listening to a holiday story, recorded in vivid vocals over a musical score, that lifts the story from the pages into your mind and heart – full of wonder, suspense, tears, and laughter. While you listen to the story, you also gaze at the store window, which is simply or elaborately decorated in the style of the book to enhance the experience.

StoryVille - taped recordings of holiday stories by local celebrities and civic leaders – comes to downtown Northville the weekend of Nov. 18 with a kick-off ceremony at noon in Town Square.

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A look at some of the StoryVille store windows.
City Council

City Council Update - November 6, 2017

CDBG Grant accepted – City Council agreed to accept a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from Oakland County in the amount of $8,164 to be used for senior programs targeting low to middle-income seniors in fiscal year 2018. The approval came after a public hearing on the matter at the City Council meeting. There was no comment.

Historic District Commission – After the second reading, City Council approved an ordinance to amend chapter 42 of Historic Preservation Article II, which allows the mayor or an alternate (appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council) to serve on the Historic District Commission and become chairperson of the HDC. In addition, new language details the actions to be taken when asking a commission member to resign from the position.

Taxicabs – City Council heard the second reading

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Sherry at Retirement Party

Residents, staff and city officials conveyed good wishes to Housing Director Sherry Necelis at her retirement party

Nearly all 100 residents of Allen Terrace joined with guests from the City – including Northville Mayor Ken Roth, City Council Member Marilyn Price and City Manager Pat Sullivan – on Oct. 30 to say goodbye to Sherry Necelis, who is retiring as Housing director. Housing Commission President Roger Schultz, Vice President Al Deneau and members Nancy Catallo, Lou Ronayne and Jerry Mittman also were at the party.

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Kids and Firefighters Lunch

Lunch With Firefighters

Three children from area elementary schools were treated to lunch with firefighters at Northville Fire Station #1 on Oct. 24. They got a ride to the station in a fire truck that picked them up from school for this annual event.

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Sherry Nicelis

Allen Terrace’s director is retiring, leaving behind one big happy family

Sherry Necelis is retiring as housing director for the City of Northville on Oct. 31. A farewell party, open to the public, is planned for Monday, Oct. 30, at 1:30 p.m. at Allen Terrace, 401-A High Street.

Sherry has served in the position since 2007.

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New voting equipment to be used at Nov. 7 election

When voters go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7, they will use new voting equipment that makes it easier and more secure to cast a ballot. The units, purchased using federal and state funds, replace machines that are 12 years old.

The new voting unit has a touch screen scanner with easy-to-follow directions. Voters will still mark a paper ballot using a blue or black pen. They will fill in the box instead of an oval next to their choice.

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City Council

City Council Update - October 16, 2017

Historic District Commission – City Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to amend chapter 42 of Historic Preservation Article II, which would allow the mayor or an alternate (appointed by the mayor and confirmed by City Council) to serve on the Historic District Commission and become chairperson of the HDC. Currently, it is the mayor or a City Council member who serves. In addition, new language indicates the actions to be taken when asking a commission member to resign from the position.

Taxicabs – A recommendation was made by the City Clerk to repeal the ordinance that regulates taxi cab fees and licenses.

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Fire Department Open House

Fire Department hosts Open House during Fire Prevention Week

More than 1,100 people visited the City of Northville Fire Department Station #1 Open House Oct. 9-13, during national Fire Prevention Week, which was sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

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Oakwood Cemetery

New historic marker at Northville’s Oakwood Cemetery brings together community, history buffs and descendants of pioneering settlers

A new nationally awarded historic marker was unveiled Oct. 8 during a dedication ceremony in Northville’s Oakwood Cemetery, the final resting place of 35 veterans from the country’s earliest wars – the Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War. The City’s earliest settlers are also buried in the historic cemetery with an entrance on Cady St. in downtown Northville.

The local branch of the National Society Daughters of the American Colonists (NSDAC), led by Arlene Robertson, officiated the ceremony.

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Farmers Market Shed

Fall Market Has Plenty To Offer

There are only three market days left until the 2017 Farmer’s Market ends on October 26. If you haven’t yet been, now is a good time to go. The Northville Chamber of Commerce runs the market on Thursdays, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the corner of Sheldon (Center St.) and 7 Mile, across from Northville Downs. There are plenty of mums, corn stalks, pumpkins and fall vegetables, including peppers, Brussel sprouts on the stalk, eggplant and more. Crisp apples and juicy pears top the fall fruit selection. And you don’t have to visit a cider mill to get fresh apple cider and doughnuts. Many vendors are also selling Halloween decorations.

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City Council

City Council Update - October 2, 2017

The City Council presented Lynda Heaton with a proclamation for serving 25 years as a board member on the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

City Council approved awarding a contract to Commonwealth Heritage Group, architectural consultants, in the amount of $30,437

Contract awarded for road repairs following utility work

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28th Annual Awards

28th Annual Beautification Awards luncheon celebrates lush gardens and landscaping of Northville Community businesses and offices

Gardens are at their finest in the summer but well-planned landscaping, enhanced by seasonal flowers and striking natural elements, provides beauty all year-long. The Beautification Commission of the City of Northville and of Northville Township came together on Sept. 26 for the annual Beautification Awards luncheon, sponsored by Northville Rotary Club.

Approximately 80 business owners, community leaders and others attended the event held at First Presbyterian Church on Main Street. The City’s Beautification Commission Chairperson Diane Pittaway provided a brief history of the organization, which is celebrating 50 years in 2017.

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Leaf Collection

Residents are advised to bag leaves falling early, until curbside collection starts

Even though it's summer weather, the leaves are falling fast. Residents may want to rake leaves and put them in compost bags. They can be set at the curb on trash day or kept until the City begins collecting leaves. For Area A, north of 8 Mile, that's Oct. 30 and Nov. 27; for Area B, south of 8 Mile, it's Nov. 6 and Dec. 4. At that time, residents can rake leaves into the street the weekend before their scheduled pick-up.

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City Council Meeting Update - September 18, 2017

City Council Update - September 18, 2017

Lot split appeal – City Council affirmed the Northville Planning Commission’s approval, with conditions, of the lot splits to parcels 376 and 377 at Dubuar and Rogers Street. Those conditions state that the applicant must provide financial guarantees for the construction of a road and retaining wall to provide access to the parcels.

Police Dept. formalizes agreement with Wayne County SWOT – City Council agreed that the Northville Police Department should enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Western Wayne County Special Operations Team (WWCSOT) to formalize the participation of police officers and firefighters on the Western Wayne County Special Operations Team.

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Seven “life-savers”

Seven “life-savers” are recognized at City Council meeting

Family members, friends and other supporters streamed into the City Council meeting on Sept. 18 to honor the life-saving efforts of those who helped revive Charles Gevirtz. Mayor Ken Roth presented seven rescuers with a City of Northville Life Saving Award. Gevirtz thanked everyone and said he “would not be standing here today” if it weren’t for their quick response.

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Mayor Roth speaking at 150th Anniversary

Mayor Ken Roth’s speech at Northville’s Town Square on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

Welcome everyone to today’s events as Northville celebrates the 150th anniversary of its founding.

When the first settlers arrived here it could take as long as three days to journey from the center of Detroit; Northville was at the edge of the wilderness.

In March of 1867 Northville broke off from Plymouth and declared itself a village one day prior to Plymouth declaring itself a village. Northville got its name by being North of Plymouth.

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City of Northville celebrates 150th Anniversary of its founding as a village

History came to life at this year’s Heritage Festival as the City of Northville officially celebrated its 150th anniversary of becoming a village in 1867. (It became a city in 1955.) The Village of Northville came into being when early settlers moved north from neighboring Plymouth, which celebrates its 150th anniversary as a city this year.

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Kiwanis Club

Kiwanis is an adult club that’s all about kids

Kiwanis is a worldwide organization that launched a new club in Northville in 2012. It’s a youthful group, with 50% of its members under the age of 40, all of whom live or work in Northville city or township. Erin Flynn, an attorney at Kelly & Kelly, is vice president of the club and will take on the president’s role on Oct. 1, 2017.

The club is hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser from 8 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 16, under the tent on the lawn of the commons area adjacent to City Hall and the Northville District Library. Tickets are $6 for individuals and $25 for a household.

The menu consists of pancakes, sausage, coffee, tea, juice and milk, with food donated by Red Olive Restaurants and milk from Guernsey Dairy.

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Maybury Trailhead

Maybury gets new trailhead kiosk

The Regional Trailhead Kiosk and the LINK signage with Maybury were installed and celebrated on September 9, 2017.

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City Council

City Council Update - September 5, 2017

City Council approved an agreement between the Northville District Library and the City to add five parallel parking spaces on the north side of Cady, paying $4,500 for each space. This satisfies the parking requirement for adding an addition to their site.

City Council approved the second phase of Poole’s exterior renovations on property leased from the City. The restaurant will add a 17 x 37-foot glass awning over the east-side entrance to the building.

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Police with AED

Northville Police use AED to revive man at barber shop

A special recognition ceremony to honor the life-saving efforts of those who helped revive Charles Gevirtz after he experienced cardiac arrest in mid-July will be held at the City Council meeting on Sept. 18, at 7 p.m.

The heroic rescue of Gevirtz, 55, of Brighton, involved fast action by a teenage lifeguard, two Northville police officers, and a firefighter rescue-EMS team.

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City Council

City Council Update - August 21, 2017

The City Council approved the consent agenda, which included:

  • Approval of a special event application from the Northville Chamber of Commerce to conduct the 29th Annual Heritage Festival, formerly Victorian Festival, on Friday, Sept. 15 through Sunday, Sept. 17.
  • Approval of a special event request from South Lyon resident Steve Ickes, of the Bricklin International Car Club, to conduct a car show in the streets of Downtown Northville on Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. An estimated 30-40 cars will be on display.
  • Proclaim September 2017 as National Recovery Month in the City of Northville and call upon all government agencies, schools, public and private institutions, schools and citizens to recommit our state to increasing awareness and understanding of substance use, and the need for appropriate and accessible services to promote recovery.

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City Council

City Council Update - August 7, 2017

City to continue banking services with Comerica Bank – The City’s Banking services were rebid with proposals submitted by Comerica, Flagstar, Huntington and Level One. City Council approved the finance director’s recommendation to continue its existing relationship with Comerica Bank for five years at an estimated annual cost of $21,710. Rebidding this service is expected to save approximately $26,000 annually.

Investing with Oakland County Local Government Investment Pool - City Council approved a recommendation by the finance director/treasurer to invest $750,000 in the Oakland County Local Government Investment Pool, primarily to diversity the investment portfolio.

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City Council

City Council Update - July 17, 2017


Site Plan Review process – City Council approved changes to the ordinance that clarified when the Planning Commission, city staff and consultants must review and approve changes to a site plan. The changes also allow the Planning Commission to extend preliminary or final approval to a site plan if the applicant provides good cause.

Front yard open space – City Council approved changes to an ordinance that include requiring new single-family homes to leave at least 65% of the required front yard unpaved.

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Games In Town Square

Downtown Northville brings oversized games to Town Square for the summer

For those who enjoy playing Jenga, Corn Hole, Dominos or Connect 4 and like being outdoors during the summer, visit downtown Northville to “get your game on” with these newly made oversized games.

Sponsored by the Northville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and The Village Workshop, the games are available in Town Square (on Main Street across from the clock).


Mosquito pool in Pontiac tests positive for West Nile Virus

The first mosquito pool in Oakland County tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV). No human cases of the virus have been confirmed in Oakland County yet this year. Preventive measures help reduce the risk of catching this mosquito-borne disease, which is typically detected from June through September.

Get tips to prevent mosquito bites.

City Council

City Council Update - July 5, 2017

Due to the Independence Day holiday, the meeting was held Wednesday instead of Monday.

There were no public comments.

Beck Road reconstruction project – City Council approved payment of $70,000 to the City of Novi as the City of Northville’s cost of the road project for its jurisdiction of the east portion of 8 Mile within the City limits. Both lanes between 8 Mile and 9 Mile will be rebuilt with a center turn lane in the Novi portion, new aggregate base, concrete curbs and gutter, guardrail installation and shoulder work.

The Northville Parks and Recreation Department is one step closer to being under the administrative domain of Northville Township rather than the City of Northville.

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Use of fireworks on the 4th of July holiday

The Independence Day holiday is the busiest time of the year for the use of fireworks. The State of Michigan allows the sale and use of consumer-grade fireworks, such as roman candles, bottle rockets and other aerial explosives. For Independence Day, state law allows personal displays to be set off from 8 a.m. to midnight on July 3, 4 and 5. It prohibits municipalities from banning their use on federal holidays and one day before and after those holidays.

City Council

City Council Update - June 19, 2017

Citizens comments - Callista Milroy, of 1056 Allen Drive, reported that 26 people volunteered to pull invasive garlic mustard plant from the banks of the Rouge River near Novi Road and 8 Mile as part of the Rouge River Clean-up on May 20. The volunteers filled 42 bags with this invasive plant and celebrated with a block party lunch afterwards. (Note: Garlic mustard plants should not be composted.)

A proclamation was presented to the Beautification Commission (BC) in recognition of the group’s 50th anniversary. Diane Pittaway, chairperson, received the proclamation and gave a brief presentation on the history of the group. As a thank-you to the community, the BC members offered cake and coffee to the City Council and guests following the meeting.

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Road Sign

Beck Road travelers … watch for construction

Beck Road repaving and shoulder work starts Monday, June 26, at 7 a.m. Southbound traffic will be open on Beck Road between 8 and 9 Mile during road construction; the northbound lane will be detoured to Novi Road, from 8 to 10 Mile.

Dancers at Senior Fest 2017

Senior Fest 2017

The turnout was grand for the Senior Fest 2017 held June 7 at the Northville Community Center, with 137 attendees and 23 volunteers, including 13 firefighters who got a kick out of line dancing with the seniors.

Best In Town 2016

Does your business or municipal building have a unique, inviting look?

The City of Northville Beautification Commission (BC) is preparing to judge local businesses and municipal buildings on their ability to make the exterior of their facility “star quality” when it comes to greenery and flowers as well as decorative elements that make a statement – for those without greenspace.

 View the Beautification Award Checklist

City Council

City Council Update - June 5, 2017

It was a well-attended meeting with more than 60 visitors and 24 people who addressed the City Council from the microphone. The Northville Democratic Club, members of the group Indivisible, and others spoke about their interest in marching in the Independence Day Parade. Mayor Ken Roth advised the speakers that the parade is organized by the Community Foundation, which has a permit to hold the parade, and they set the rules about who can appear in it. Their rules call for no political parties or candidates for office to be involved in the parade, and state that only elected officials already serving in office can march in the parade. Councilmembers encouraged the Community Foundation and the political groups to meet and attempt to find a compromise to resolve the situation.

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City Council

City Council Update - May 15, 2017

Budget - City Council approved the fiscal year 2018 budget, which begins July 1, 2017, as presented by Finance Director Sandi Wiktorowski. There were no public comments.

First reading of "lot size" ordinance - Residents whose property backs up to an alley cannot use a portion of the alley in their calculations for lot size. (Article 18, general provisions) Currently, owners can add up to one-half of the alley size for lot area requirements. This figure is used as a basis for building or remodeling a home. The ordinance will have a second reading (and potential approval) at an upcoming meeting.

View all the highlights from the City Council meeting on May 15, 2017
Mayor Roth speaking at State of the Community luncheon

Mayor speaks about areas of growth and opportunity but cautious about financial limitations

At the 2017 State of the Community Luncheon on April 19 at Schoolcraft College, Northville Mayor Ken Roth spoke about improved communications, strategy for business development, and City finances. Read more about Mayor Roth's speech.

City Council

City Council Update - May 1, 2017

Citizens comments: Christopher Maloney asked what is the process to get a monument erected to Martin Luther King. The City currently has no monuments of national figures and no policy for erecting a monument but will respond via e-mail or letter.

Ordinance for sidewalks closed due to construction: It was the first reading of an amendment to ordinance (Chapter 74, Article III) that would require a builder to provide a safe passage (alternate route, partial closure or temporary walkway) when a sidewalk in the City right-of-way is closed due to construction. The ordinance states that the sidewalk can’t be closed for more 90 days. City Council wants to add a handicap accessible requirement to the ordinance.

View all the highlights from the City Council meeting on May 1, 2017
City Council

City Council Update - April 17, 2017

View highlight from the April 17, 2017 City Council Meeting.

Neighborhood Board Members

Neighborhood Association Series

With hundreds of people living in each of Northville's signature neighborhoods, there's a lot of work to be done for the common good. The people who facilitate this are the board members of homeowner/condo associations. Read the five-part series.

Take the Survey

Website Survey

The City of Northville’s Communications Department is conducting a survey of visitors to our website.  Read more and take the survey.

City Council

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on April 3, 2017

35th District Court Amnesty Program: Court Waives Late Fees

The 35th District Court announces the 2017 Amnesty Program for all delinquent civil infraction tickets. Unpaid tickets can accumulate additional default fees, late fees and warrant fees, which increase the original amount of the ticket.  Read about the ticket amnesty program.
Two women playing pickleball

Pickleball draws avid players to Northville Community Center

What's the game with a funny name that has become fanatically popular in recent years? It's pickleball, a moderately strenuous game played indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court with a short tennis net. Read about pickleball in Northville.

Police With AED

Northville Police ready to save lives of people in cardiac arrest with new AEDs on board

Northville Police in patrol cars don’t leave the station without an AED (automatic external defibrillator) on board. Read about new AEDs.

City Council

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Feb. 21, 2017
Tease Hair Salon

Salon and spa services at the new Tease Studio are a sweet treat

Remember the TV show Cheers, where regulars, neighbors and newcomers stopped in and had a lively discussion, bonded and felt at home? That’s the type of familiarity you’ll find at Tease Studio.

Mary Salmon from The Lace Museum

Local woman’s love of lace is woven into new museum in Northville Square

The Lace Museum of Detroit puts Northville on the map for its intriguing collection of hand-made lace – in clothing, accessories and tablecloths along with the tools used to create the ornamental fabric. This slice of history is tucked away on the lower level of Northville Square. Read about The Lace Museum.

City Council

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Feb. 6, 2017

Statewide community survey announced to assess public trust in law enforcement

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) has released a community survey to help gauge public trust in law enforcement. The survey is in response to an executive order issued last Fall by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who asked for a public report that addresses the topic, “Fostering public trust in law enforcement.” Read full story here
Inspector at new construction site

Contractors save time by scheduling online inspections while house hunters can view permit history online

Saving time and having key information at your fingertips are just two of the many reasons that contractors are eager to set up an account on the Access My Government (AMG) website. Read about all the features of the Access My Government website.

James Kelly Aydlott

Village Workshop is the place where makers’ dreams come true

Makers, innovators and engineers can’t wait to get their hands on the high-tech equipment at the Village Workshop in their quest to produce something of value – whether it’s for their personal use, a prototype, a saleable product, or a tool that helps solve a problem.  Learn more about the Village Workshop.

Council Meeting

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Jan. 3, 2017.

Northville's Facebook page

City Hall’s Facebook page is live

Be a follower on our facebook page. You will be able to see stories, photos and videos that will give you a heads-up on what’s going on in the city.  Plus, we want to hear from you. Share your photos and comments; ask questions.

Council Meeting

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Dec. 19, 2016.

Sue Campbell

Diversion program helps Northville’s youth steer away from problem behaviors

So many of us have been there as teens: getting in trouble with parents, teachers or the law due to bad choices. Whether that trouble involves underage drinking, illegal drugs, shoplifting, or smoking cigarettes, many teens are enticed by the allure of these risky behaviors. Fortunately, there is help through the Northville Youth Assistance (NYA) program's Diversion program.

Steve Heidt

City employee retires from department of public works after 27 years

As a retiree, Steve Heidt plans to balance work and relaxation. He will “work” on his hobbies, chiefly drag racing as well as rebuilding race car engines. His son Cody, a supervisor at the Northville Parks & Recreation Dept., often joins him in these pursuits. This winter, you’ll find Heidt in Florida until the last snowflake has melted in Michigan. Read about Steve's career with the City.

Dear Prudence storefront

Dear Prudence – a jewelry, gifts and women’s apparel boutique – opens in Northville

Women and people who shop for women will find a unique array of clothing, accessories and personal items at Dear Prudence, a new boutique store at 119 N. Center.

Northville Snow Plow

Winter snow – keeping Northville’s roads clear for safe driving

When the weather reports warn of winter storms and icy conditions, the Department of Public Works is ready. Response time is generally fast, but major storms can slow down the plowing service.

Graphic from Millage Flyer - What is an enhancement millage?

New Millage included on Winter Tax Bill

You may have noticed an increase on your 2017 Winter Tax Bill. This is due to a 2 mill increase which was approved by voters in November for the Wayne County Regional Education Services Agency (RESA).

Dr. Josh Howe Chiropractor

Dr. Josh Howe purchases Northville Chiropractic

There's a new practice in town that offers chiropractic services and health education. Josh Howe, DC, purchased the practice of Kathleen Rohlig, DC, who retired after 25 years at that location on 412 N. Center. Read more about Dr. Howe's practice.

Chris Van Dam

Retailers in Northville have the goods for a busy holiday shopping season

Small Business Saturday on Nov. 26 launched what Northville retailers foresee as a busy shopping season – drawing loyal customers and new shoppers from Northville and southeastern Michigan, and out-of-town visitors. With scores of unique stores, Northville is a destination for shopping, dining and walking around in the hip, historic downtown.

Holiday Lighted Parade

Holiday Lighted Parade delights crowd

Thousands of adults and children came to downtown Northville on Friday evening, Nov. 18, to see the Holiday Lighted Parade, an annual tradition for more than 20 years.

Mildred Madigan

Centurion finds plenty to celebrate as she turns 104

Mildred Madigan has seen a lot in her 104 years on earth, the majority of those years spent in Northville. A resident at Allen Terrace, Mildred was born in South Dakota on Nov. 15, 1912 and was one of four children.  Read Mildred Madigan's story.

Residential Street during autumn

Be ready for last leaf collection pick-up

Despite snow and the start of a winter season, there is some unfinished business – leaf collection.

Apartment Remodel

Singh remodels apartments at MainCentre

The handsome, four-story brick building at the corner of Main and Center St., has been a Northville landmark since the late 1980s, when Singh Development built it for mixed use: residential, retail, restaurants and professional office suites. Fast-forward 30-some years to 2016 – now the apartments are undergoing a full remodel from floors to cabinets, with new kitchens, bathrooms, appliances and more open spaces.  Read about the MainCentre apartments remodel.

Young couple in front of a VOTE sign

Heavy voter turnout in Northville kept polls busy all day long

Election Day 2016 on Tuesday, Nov. 8 started with a misty rain as hundreds of voters stood in line at both precincts in Northville to cast their ballots. There was a steady flow of voters throughout the day, with the majority coming, as expected, in the early morning and evening hours.  Read about Election Day in Northville and see more photos.

Council Meeting

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Nov. 7, 2016.


College students get ready to vote

Many young adults from Northville living on college campuses in Michigan and other states are getting ready to exercise one of the fundamental rights of democracy – casting their vote during the presidential election on Nov. 8. Read more about getting ready to vote in the Nov. 8 Election.

Fire Trucks

Northville Public Library celebrates 20th anniversary in current location

The Northville Public Library has turned the page on being at its current location for 20 years, after holding a public reception in mid October. What will the next chapter bring?  Learn more about the Northville Public Library.

Fire Trucks

Northville Public Library holds open house for its 20th anniversary in current location

The Northville Public Library hosted an open house on Sunday, Oct. 16, to celebrate the 20th anniversary at its current location. The event featured a scavenger hunt, a magician, face-painting and tattoos, balloon artists, crafts, and entertainment by the Northville High School Backbeat and Treblemakers Singers.  Northville Public Library's open house.

Fire Trucks

Gazebo garden spot draws visitors in for a break

The site of the former artesian well at Northville Road, north of 7 Mile, serves as a gateway to the city and is now flourishing thanks to an appealing landscape design and a labor of love by volunteer gardeners.

Fire Trucks

Northville City Fire Dept. to hold open houses and offer home fire safety reviews

Northville… In commemoration of Fire Prevention Week, the Northville City Fire Department (NCFD) will host open houses from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Oct. 10 -15 at Station 1 in Northville, 215 W. Main; and Oct. 9 – 15 at Station 2 in Plymouth, 201 S. Main, where it also provides fire and EMS services.

Beautification Commission

Beautification commission enhances City with colorful flowers and plants

As you cruise through the city of Northville … on foot, on bike or by car … your eye is likely drawn to the colorful pots of flowers and in-ground plantings that grace every street in the downtown area and the entrances to this 149-year-old city.

Beautification Commission

Annual Beautification Commission luncheon honors the best gardens and landscape

The City of Northville and Northville Township co-hosted the 27th Annual Beautification Commission luncheon on Sept. 13 in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Northville to recognize and honor nearly 50 winners of beautification awards.

Traci Sincock

Former City employee now heads Maybury State Park

Traci Sincock, newly appointed park Supervisor at Maybury State Park, is linked to the City of Northville in more ways than one and is using her connections and collaborations to create some exciting new offerings at the unique “urban park.”  Read about Traci's new appointment.

Heritage Festival

Heritage Festival

At the Heritage festival, Northville Parks and Rec volunteer Christian Aulepp, a Northville High School student and Rotary Interact volunteer, showed Ellie Faysal of Novi how the play giant kerplunk.

Mark Gasche

New director of Parks and Recreation Program hits the ground running

Mark Gasche has some heavy lifting to do as the new director of Parks and Recreation for the city and township of Northville.  Learn more about Mark, his experience, and plans in his new role.

Farmers' Market

To market, to market, to buy fresh fish, flowers, cheese, fruit and more

The Farmers' Market in Northville, held Thursdays from May 5 to Oct. 27 on the northwest corner of 7 Mile and Sheldon, draws shoppers of all ages to feast their eyes on the colorful array of produce, flowers and hand-crafted items, and purchase farm-fresh items for their households. Check out the Northville Farmers' Market.

Crime Mapping logo

Crime mapping provides a snapshot of crimes in City of Northville

The City of Northville recently joined an online crime mapping system that coordinates with Oakland County’s CLEMIS system to show the location and type of crime that has occurred on a digital map within 24 hours after a police report has been filed.  Learn more about this new reporting system that enhances the transparency of the police department.

Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Meals on Wheels Program faces funding shortage

Northville seniors who participate in Meals on Wheels say they treasure the program that  provides a hot meal at lunchtime to seniors age 60 and older, Monday through Friday. Yet, cuts in funding continue and many seniors are concerned.  Read about the Meals on Wheels program.

Middle School Campers

Fifth graders get a jump on middle school at weeklong summer CAMP

Eighty 5th grade students who either need help in taking the next step to being in middle school or want to get a head start on the experience attended a weeklong summer CAMP program, Aug. 15-19, at Hillside and Meads Mill middle schools. Fifth grade CAMP story.

Sue Hooper Dedication Plaque

Dedication of Allen Terrace’s computer room to Sue Hooper draws family, residents and friends

Dozens of residents, family members and friends of the late Sue Hooper crowded into the computer room at Allen Terrace on Aug. 15 to talk about the bubbling personality, kindness and computer skills of the former president of the Northville Housing Commission at a celebration to honor her legacy and dedicate the room as The Sue Hooper Technology Center. Read about the dedication and Sue's legacy.

Wing St. near Cady

Roadwork gets underway this month

All the construction work that had motorists finding new ways to get around closed main roads and freeways in southeastern Michigan will be hitting closer to home for Northville residents and visitors as roads are repaved and new water mains are installed in four main sections of the City. Learn more about the upcoming roadwork, timeline and locations.

Northville Water Tower

Be aware of outdoor water use restrictions during hot, dry weather

The City of Northville regulates outdoor water usage year-round but it tends to be more of an issue during hot, dry weather when lawns are flagging and flowers, shrubbery and trees need additional water to stay vibrant. Please read about water use restrictions here.

Police Officers receiving Lifesaving Award

Three police officers recognized with Lifesaving Awards

Three City of Northville police officers, Peter Davis, David Randall and Matthew Duggins, were each recognized with a Lifesaving Award for heroic efforts performed while on duty in two separate incidents. Read about these dedicated officers and their lifesavings efforts.

Butch and Arlita

Red Dot: bringing together people, stories and coffee

Arlita Ibach and her husband Darrell (Butch) Ibach Jr. are empty-nesters and are now investing their time into another baby that constantly demands their attention - a budding business called Red Dot Coffee Co., at 505 N. Center St., next to Kroger.  Learn more about Red Dot Coffee.

Election Inspectors

Election inspectors talk about their roles on election day

With the general election coming up on Nov. 8, there is a need for election inspectors. To provide an overview of what the periodic job entails, we discussed the role with two inspectors who have worked at many elections. Read what the Election Inspectors have to say.

Chief Carlson

Responsiveness, ethical conduct and respect remain top values as community shows its support for City of Northville police

In the past several weeks the law enforcement community throughout the country has lost several lives and received numerous threats. These circumstances affect all police officers.  Chief Carlson's comments on the community's support.


Local youth practice firefighting skills at an intensive summer program for Explorers

Two teenagers and one young adult who are learning the ropes of firefighting through the City of Northville Fire Department’s Explorer program recently attended a firefighting and search-and-rescue training program at the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) in Champaign, Ill. More on the Explorer program.


Absent voter ballots play an important role in elections

Voters can submit a request for an absent voter ballot up to 75 days before an election. The application for the primary election allows voters to request an absent voter ballot for the general election. This saves time because voters don’t have to submit two applications.  Absent Voter Ballot Article.


Fire Department Adds to Thermal Imaging Capabilities

The Northville City Fire Department (NCFD) has ordered two new thermal imaging cameras with video capabilities to help firefighters find the source of fire inside homes, offices, stores and other building interiors. The new cameras offer more advanced technology than the department’s two older interior thermal imaging cameras. Learn more about the Thermal Imaging Cameras.

Radar Display

City acquires new radar units for police cars and digital display for streets

The Northville Police Department has purchased a portable radar sign that can be mounted to traffic sign posts that displays the speed at which vehicles are driving. The Department also received approval by the City Council at its July 20 meeting to purchase six new radar units for police cars to replace older radar units that were failing.  Read more about the radar units and digital displays.

Council Meeting

City Council meetings now available online

Video recordings of City Council meetings are now available to view on demand.  Meetings are typically posted the day after the City Council Meeting.  Click here to access Council Videos.