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Online Inspection Portal Brochure - Contractors
Online Inspection Portal Brochure - Homeowners

Is My Property in the City of Northville?

The City of Northville offers an online inspection scheduling tool. Contractors and homeowners in the City of Northville may schedule inspections using the new Online Inspection Portal. The portal allows users to request all types of inspections, such as building, electrical, plumbing, and heating.

Users must have their assigned Permit number when using the Inspection Portal.

If you are requesting an inspection for the following business day, it must be scheduled by 3:30pm.

To access the inspection portal please click here.


Contractors with multiple projects will be able to create an account for easy access to all of their projects. Contractors must register before using the Inspection Portal the first time. Register by clicking here.

Click here to Request an Inspection.


Click here to Request an Inspection.