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Political Signs

Political Signs are addressed in the City of Northville’s Zoning Ordinance, Article 21 Signs (21.01.i.(4)).

In general:

  • Political signs advocating or opposing candidate for public office or issue to be determined by election may be erected forty-five (45) days prior to an election.
  • Such signs shall be erected on private property only and no less than one hundred (100) feet from any entrance to a building in which a polling place is located.
  • All such signs shall be removed five (5) days following Election Day.

Signs shall not be placed in a Right-of-Way or on City of Northville owned property. Right-of-way may increase in width or include triangular portions behind sidewalks at street corners.

Code Enforcement Officers will remove illegally placed signs.

Article 21 – Signs

Campaigning at the Polls on Election Day

Click here for information on campaigning at the polls on Election Day.