Services Include

Fire Suppression

Bail Out

Plymouth Township Mutal Aid

Fairbrook Fire

A core mission of any Fire Department is fire suppression. Included in this category is a wide range of incidents, including motor vehicle accidents, flammable gas or liquid leaks, downed electrical lines, odor investigations and automatic fire alarms, as well as actual fires.

The Department houses a full range of fire suppression apparatus at its stations in Northville and Plymouth, including Quick Response Vehicles, full-sized pumpers and aerial apparatus. In the event of a structure fire in either City, apparatus and personnel from both cities respond to the call. In addition, through Automatic Mutual Aid agreements with the City of Novi and Plymouth Township, additional apparatus and personnel are automatically dispatched to the scene of structure fires in our communities, and we automatically respond to their communities in the same circumstances. And we can call on our other mutual aid partners for additional assistance as needed.

Some types of incidents call for a specialized response. The Department contributes two members each to the Hazardous Materials Response Team (HMRT) and the Technical Rescue Team (USAR) of the Western Wayne Fire Department Mutual Aid Association. These teams undergo extensive training in order to assist in the handling of these specialized incidents, and have equipment pre-positioned throughout the area. They are available to respond to any member community in need of such resources.