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Residential Knox Box Program

Knox BoxIf you or a loved one could find it difficult to get to the door to provide entry for emergency responders such as Police, Firefighters and EMS personnel, the Fire Department’s Residential Knox Box Program may be the answer. Residents of the Cities of Northville and Plymouth can take advantage of this program, which provides for the installation of a secure key vault outside your door. Emergency responders can open the vault with a special master key, and retrieve the key to your home from inside.

All that is required is a $175 deposit. The Fire Department will install the Knox Box at no charge. When you move, or no longer require the Knox Box, the Fire Department will retrieve it and your deposit will be returned.

To sign up for this program and have a Knox Box installed at your home, or if you would like additional information, please contact Chief Ott at 248-449-9920, or by e-mail at For information on Knox Box products, please visit

Fireman opening Knox Box on wall