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Police Department Overview

Michael R. Carlson, Chief of Police
Michael R. Carlson
Chief of Police

Police Department
215 W. Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
Phone: 248-349-5100
Fax: 248-349-2397

Providing public safety and more

The City of Northville Police Department stands ready to protect and serve residents and visitors. We take pride in having law enforcement officers who are highly trained, intelligent and personable. Our officers use good judgment in dealing with people, whether they are the general public, victims, suspects or criminals. Our goal is to keep Northville a safe place to live, work and visit.

Mission Statement

The Northville Police Department’s mission is to preserve our freedom by upholding the constitutional values of our nation, while controlling crime and preserving our community’s quality of life.

To accomplish this mission, the Department has adopted three values to guide our efforts. These are as follows:

Be Responsive

The Northville Police Department is proud of our response time and strive to continually improve. Police deal with a broad range of diverse community problems in addition to crime. The ultimate goal of the police is not simply to enforce the law but to deal with problems effectively, ideally through strategic preventive measures.

Adhere to the Highest Ethical Standards

This value means that we will never betray our badge, our integrity, our character or the public’s trust. We will always have the courage to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We will always uphold the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the community we serve.

Respect Each Other

By establishing a culture of respect, we cultivate good habits that reflect positively upon ourselves and the law enforcement profession. That respect extends to law-abiding citizens and even those who aren’t. We abide by the law that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Ultimately we must treat others the way we would want to be treated under the same circumstances.

Services rendered – from routine to extraordinary

The Northville Police Department deals with people in a wide range of situations – from traffic stops for speeding violations to vehicle accidents; from barricaded gunmen and domestic violence to assault and battery; from trespassing and public disruptions to breaking and entering; and from theft to crimes that endanger or end people’s lives. At the other end of the spectrum, we save lives by performing resuscitation and taking steps to stabilize a victim until EMS arrives. We’ve also been known to support cancer awareness by wearing pink t-shirts – under our uniforms – in October and growing beards, mustaches and goatees in November.

Operations – hours, staff and how to reach us

The Police Department provides 24-hour police service, as well as dispatching fire and emergency medical services.

The primary function of the Department is patrol, which operates 24 hours a day. Officers assigned to patrol respond to calls for service, patrol the City in an effort to prevent crime, enforce traffic laws, and enforce criminal laws and City ordinances. In many cases, the officers handle the investigations from beginning to end. Most of the time, officers patrol in vehicles but they also patrol on foot and on bicycles.

The Department provides patrol and security services for areas of the community that require extra surveillance, including Northville Downs.

The Police business office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office is located on the lower level of Northville City Hall, 215 S. Main St. Call us at 248-349-5100. If the office is closed, that general number will prompt you to leave a voice mail, so don’t call it in an emergency. A phone is also available in the building entrance to contact a dispatcher for police assistance.

For emergencies, dial 911 – text 911 if you can’t talk by phone.

Currently, the authorized staffing level includes one police chief, one captain, three sergeants, eight police officers and six school crossing guards.

Read about the Free Cell Phones for Seniors Program by clicking here.

Dispatch and lockup services are provided by the Northville Township Department of Public Safety, 41600 Six Mile, 248-349-9400.


Northville Police Department now at full strength with 13 police officers

Melissa Vernon didn’t have to wrestle with her decision to leave the big-city police department of Detroit to join the ranks of the Northville Police Dept., where the pace is slower and more about assisting people in need – such as a car accident or life-saving event. Her prowess as a former student-athlete wrestler makes her ready and equipped to handle whatever comes her way.

Read the entire story.

Northville Police use AED to revive man at barber shop

A special recognition ceremony to honor the life-saving efforts of those who helped revive Charles Gevirtz after he experienced cardiac arrest in mid-July will be held at the City Council meeting on Sept. 18, at 7 p.m.

The heroic rescue of Gevirtz, 55, of Brighton, involved fast action by a teenage lifeguard, two Northville police officers, and a firefighter rescue-EMS team.

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Free gun safety locks

The Northville Police Department has free gun safety locks. You can pick one up in the Police Dept. lobby on the lower level of City Hall. There are no forms to fill out. Don't take the risk of having an unlocked gun get into the wrong hands - especially if you have young children and teenagers. Learn more in this report by Oakland County.

Northville Police ready to save lives of people in cardiac arrest with new AEDs on board

Northville Police in patrol cars don’t leave the station without an AED (automatic external defibrillator) on board. Read full story here.

Statewide community survey announced to assess public trust in law enforcement

The Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) has released a community survey to help gauge public trust in law enforcement. The survey is in response to an executive order issued last Fall by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who asked for a public report that addresses the topic, “Fostering public trust in law enforcement.” Read full story here

Crime mapping provides a snapshot of crimes in City of Northville

The City of Northville recently joined an online crime mapping system that coordinates with Oakland County’s CLEMIS system to show the location and type of crime that has occurred on a digital map within 24 hours after a police report has been filed.  Learn more about this new reporting system that enhances the transparency of the police department.

Three police officers recognized with Lifesaving Awards

Three City of Northville police officers, Peter Davis, David Randall and Matthew Duggins, were each recognized with a Lifesaving Award for heroic efforts performed while on duty in two separate incidents. Read about these dedicated officers and their lifesavings efforts.

Responsiveness, ethical conduct and respect remain top values as community shows its support for City of Northville police

In the past several weeks the law enforcement community throughout the country has lost several lives and received numerous threats. These circumstances affect all police officers.  Chief Carlson's comments on the community's support.

City acquires new radar units for police cars and digital display for streets

The Northville Police Department has purchased a portable radar sign that can be mounted to traffic sign posts that displays the speed at which vehicles are driving. The Department also received approval by the City Council at its July 20 meeting to purchase six new radar units for police cars to replace older radar units that were failing.  Read more about the radar units and digital displays.