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Personal Property Taxes

Overview of Personal Property Tax

The City of Northville has prepared a Business Owners Guide to Personal Property Taxes to address commonly asked questions.
 A Business Owner's Guide to Personal Property Taxes

Annual Personal Property Tax Filing

 2018 Form L-4175 - Personal Property Statement

2018 Personal Property Statements and instructions were mailed in January. Personal Property Tax is self-reported and is a property tax paid by businesses on machinery, equipment, furnishings and other similar items used in a business. Tangible personal property is not real estate. This form must be filed in the city or township where the personal property is located on December 31, 2017. Michigan Department of Treasury form L-4175 is issued under authority of the General Property Tax Act (P.A. 206 of 1893) and filing is mandatory. This statement is subject to audit by the State Tax Commission, the Equalization Department or the Assessor and must be signed at the bottom of page 1. You are advised to make a copy of the completed statement for your records. Please file by February 1, 2018.

According to form L-4175 instructions: If all of the personal property formally in your possession has been removed before December 31, 2017, you must notify the assessor at once in order to change the records accordingly. Michigan law provides that a person or entity receiving Form L-4175 must complete it and return it to the assessor by the statutory date, even if they have no assessable property to report. If you had assessable personal property in your possession on December 31, 2017, you must submit a completed Form L-4175 to the assessor of the community where the property is located on or before the statutory due date (February 20), even if the assessor does not send you a form to complete.

Starting in 2014 the State of Michigan offers an exemption on qualified personal property. The owner of personal property may file the affidavit below and claim the exemption only if the True Cash Value of all of the commercial or industrial personal property located within the city or township that is owned by, leased to, or in the possession of the owner or a related entity was less than $80,000 on December 31, 2017.

 Affidavit of Owner of Eligible Personal Property Claiming Exemption from Collection of Taxes