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Northville Youth Assistance Overview

Services provided by NYA

Youth Assistance Director
Sue Campbell

Northville Youth Assistance
303 W. Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
Phone: 248-344-1618
Fax: 248-344-8806

Northville Youth Assistance (NYA) is a volunteer-supported organization that provides social services to youths and their families. The program offers professional counseling as well as the opportunity for a youth to establish a supportive relationship with a trained volunteer mentor. The purpose of the program is to mentor youths so they may become mature, responsible adults. Examples of kids who can benefit from mentoring are those who recently moved into the community; have experienced a death of a parent; have no contact with one parent; have a grandparent as a primary caregiver; have a difficult time making friends, etc. The youths range in age from 5-16 years old.

Volunteer mentors are concerned citizens who share one or more hours per week with a youth. They are carefully screened and receive 10 hours of training followed by on-going guidance and support of the program staff. Mentors are matched one-on-one with a youth and enjoy activities such as walking in the park, playing basketball, baking cookies and going to museums, the library and sporting events.

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TopServices Provided by NYA

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Professional counseling with a licensed social worker
  • Summer camp scholarships for needy students
  • Diversion from the court system for first-time youth offenders
  • PILLAR Program for incoming freshmen at Northville High School
  • CAMP Program for incoming sixth graders at Hillside and Meads Mill
  • Anger management, decision making and drug and alcohol education for children and teens

Mentor Training Class of Fall 2002These services are available at no charge to residents of the City of Northville, the Charter Township of Northville and the Northville School District.


Diversion program helps Northville’s youth steer away from problem behaviors

So many of us have been there as teens: getting in trouble with parents, teachers or the law due to bad choices. Whether that trouble involves underage drinking, illegal drugs, shoplifting, or smoking cigarettes, many teens are enticed by the allure of these risky behaviors. Fortunately, there is help through the Northville Youth Assistance (NYA) program's Diversion program.