A recap of the March 4, 2019 meeting
Posted on 03/05/2019
City Council meetings are held at City Hall.City Council recap
March 4, 2019 meeting 

City Hall to obtain two new servers – City Council approved the purchase and installation of two network servers through IT Right, of Bath, MI, at a cost of $24,900. Council waived the bidding process due to vendors not being able to make an “apples-to-apples” comparison; IT Right is the City’s current provider for information technology support. Funds for the purchase will be transferred from the Public Improvement Fund to the General Fund.

New computers at City Hall – City Council approved the purchase of 31 desktop computers including Microsoft Windows 10 from CDW-G, of Chicago, in the amount of $29,326. It was noted that the current Windows 7 would not be supported after 2019. The Public Improvement Fund will be tapped for this purchase. Council waived a formal bidding process since the City had obtained two bids and CDW-G, a large supplier to governments, was the low bidder.

Revised dates for budget review – City Council amended the dates for the Fiscal Year 2020 budget review sessions, which will now be held April 8 and 24, 2019.

Rural Hill Cemetery expansion – City Council approved a contract for $120,034 to low-bidder Premier Group, of Detroit, for the phase II expansion of Rural Hill Cemetery, which will add an additional 541 plots. Work includes grading the expansion area, installing pavement and adding topsoil and grass seed to attain full coverage. All aspects of the project will adhere to the engineering and landscape architectural plans. Approximately five mature trees will need to be removed to implement the plan; those will be replaced by new trees either in the cemetery or elsewhere in the City (for zero tree loss). Council will continue monitoring the bridge on the site, which is on the list for repair/replacement at a future date. The new phase of the cemetery is located on the south side of W. Seven Mile Rd., east of S. Rogers.

Parking lot maintenance – City Council awarded a contract for $39,500 plus expenses (up to $1,500) to Carl Walker/WGI, of Kalamazoo, to prepare construction documents, assist in the bidding and award process, and oversee construction administration of parking repairs for two City-owned decks/lots. The plan calls for drawings and bids over the summer. A previous study by the same firm showed regular maintenance would likely extend the life of the parking decks for 20-30 more years.

Visit from State Rep. Matt Koleszar – In his second visit before City Council, Rep. Koleszar, 20th District, told Council their budget request for repair/replacement of the wooden stair entrance to Ford Field (at Hutton) and maintenance of Ft. Griswold, the wooden play structure in the park, is currently under review in the House Appropriations Committee. Mayor Roth noted that Ford Field and those structures (stairs, playground) are located in Northville but also are a big draw to surrounding communities. Rep Koleszar also spoke about pending changes to the civil asset forfeiture law.

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