A recap of the June 3, 2019 meeting
Posted on 06/05/2019
City Council meetings are held at City Hall.Ordinances
• City Council approved an amendment to the Wastewater Discharge Control ordinance (Chapter 86, Article III). The change adds an enforcement measure to keep pollution contained in non-stormwater discharge from entering storm drains.

• City Council approved an amendment to the cell tower ordinance (Chapter 80, Article III) - Wireless Facilities in the Right-of-Way). It seeks to regulate new technology associated with the 5G Network.

Fireworks…It was the first reading of a change to the fireworks ordinance (chapter 54, Article VI) which aligns with changes in the state law to reduce the number of days and limit the times that fireworks can be set off by individuals. The ordinance applies to key holidays, including the upcoming 4th of July. The change allows fireworks to be set off for 12 days around stated holidays rather than the existing 30 days and increases fines from $500 to $1,000 (with the Northville Police Dept. receiving $500 of that fine). If approved at the next City Council meeting, it would be effective on June 28.

Grant for local road improvement – The Dept. of Public Works applied for and is slated to receive a grant of $7,700 from the Oakland County Board of Commissioners to pay for a portion of road work (mill and resurface) to be done on Taft Rd., from 8 Mile to just south of Morgan Blvd. The program is designed “to encourage and assist businesses to locate or expand within Oakland County.” The City Council welcomed the contribution to the Taft road project, which is expected to cost $190,000.

Water and Sewer Rates approved – City Council adopted a resolution to amend the Fees, Penalties, and Fines Schedule changing the sewer rate to $7.15 per unit and the dual sewer rate to $3.93 per unit, effective July 1, 2019.

Council Communications
Council member Nancy Darga announced that SEMCOG & GLWA were rolling out a new program called One Water, which helps educate the public about doing their part to keep water clean. The public can pick up some branded items (disposable grease box, water bag and a portable holder for plastic bags to use for dog droppings) from City Hall while supplies last.

Mayor Ken Roth mentioned that MSU Extension held an event at the Community Center on May 30 for homeowners who wanted to know how to manage stormwater runoff and use native plants in gardens.

The mayor thanked the Dept. of Public Works and Police Dept. for their roles in the successful Memorial Day parade. He also praised the Police Dept. for honoring several police officers in an awards ceremony held before the parade.

There were no public comments.

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