A recap of the Dec. 2, 2019 meeting
Posted on 12/05/2019
City Council meetings are held at City Hall.

City Council recap
of Dec. 2, 2019 meeting

Local Boy Scout Troop #746 led Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Brian Turnbull opened the meeting by noting that Michael Turnbull died on Thanksgiving Day and paid tribute to his late brother for his service to the community as a Vietnam veteran and educator/coach at Culver Academies.

Wayne County Support Emergency Operations plan – Council approved a resolution to develop a plan that meets the requirements of the Wayne County Support Emergency Operations plan and paves the way for the City to receive State assistance for disaster related expenses.

Police Chief Alan Maciag explained the process to Council. The resolution provides for the mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from natural and human-made disasters within the City of Northville by being part of the Wayne County emergency management program. The resolution also appoints the county emergency management coordinator as the City of Northville’s emergency management coordinator. It provides for a means to coordinate the resources of the municipality with those of the county, and provides a means through which the City Council may exercise the authority and discharge the responsibilities vested in them by this resolution and Act No. 390.

Allen Terrace lease – City Council, on a 4-1 vote, approved the lease contract for residents and applicants to the City-owned senior apartment building on High Street. Barbara Moroski-Browne opposed the lease contract on the grounds that the terms for non-renewal were too vague.

Special events that close downtown streets – City Council approved a 60-day moratorium on reviewing applications for special events (aside from parades) that close downtown streets. (Applications can still be submitted, but will not be approved or denied during that time.) DDA Director Lori Ward addressed Council and noted that Main Street and/or Center Street were closed 34 times in 2019 for events. A subcommittee will convene, consisting of the DDA, merchants, event hosts, and others, to research events and policies, and seek alternative venues that won’t require the closing of downtown streets, yet still be accessible for attendees. Ward will report back to Council with recommendations.

Election commissioner – Council voted Barbara Moroski-Brown to serve the term for 2020.

City Council representatives appointed – Twenty-three appointments were made to boards and commissions in the City and affiliated organizations in the region. Barbara Moroski-Browne is taking on the liaison roles held by former City Council member Nancy Darga. Other Council members are keeping their appointments, with the following exceptions:

• Chamber of Commerce … Mayor Brian Turnbull will represent the City Council rather than the former liaison, Marilyn Price.

• Downtown Development Authority (DDA) … Mayor Brian Turnbull will be a member of the DDA board, with Marilyn Price as an alternate.

Moroski-Browne said she will work with the City manager to develop a detailed list of boards and commissions to serve as a resource and verify that all have the required number of members and members’ terms of service have not expired.

Council communications
Mayor Turnbull expressed his appreciation for the Holiday Lighted Parade and Greens Market held in downtown Northville the weekend before Thanksgiving. He noted that thousands attended those holiday events and encouraged everyone to attend in the future. He also invited residents to get involved in the City by attending meetings of topics they are “passionate” about.

Public comments
Jim Koster, 204 St. Lawrence Blvd., asked why the flood plain is being reexamined at this time.

City Manager Pat Sullivan responded that FEMA is the agency that creates the map with input from the county. FEMA doesn’t survey the entire elevation of a flood plain, but rather surveys points along the land and assumes linear progression from one point to another. He noted that Wayne County and Oakland County update their flood plain possibly once every 10 years, and that data is also part of FEMA’s calculations.

A recent survey of the Northville Downs area, submitted by the developer to FEMA, showed that the flood plain could be significantly reduced. This information, based on actual measurements, was not known when the Master Plan was being developed.

The City’s engineering firm OHM reviewed the calculations made by the developer’s engineering consultant. FEMA indicated to the City that the amendments to the flood plain could be approved once they receive additional requested information.

The Planning Commission wants to use the new information as it considers changes to the Master Plan. In 2014, when the Master Plan was being developed, the flood plain showed that half of the 50 acre site (Downs property) would be restricted and couldn’t be built on. Now, there could be a different calculation for density using the updated flood plain.

Watch the video here.