A recap of the Aug. 5, 2019 meeting
Posted on 08/07/2019
City Council meetings are held at City Hall.Two items on the main agenda were removed to be brought up at a later date. They are items 9A (document management/storage software) and 9C (water meter replacement).

New truck for DPW – The Dept. of Public Works was authorized to purchase a new 2019 Ford F350 Super Cab 4x4 Chassis with a service body for $44,123 from Signature Ford. The purchase was bid through the Macomb County bid process. The 2006 utility truck currently used will be sold.

Police personal and vehicle-based cameras – Council approved the purchase of new Police Dept. equipment, which enhances transparency and security. Those items include six in-car camera systems and 13 individual cameras to be worn by officers. The state-of-the-art system provides four camera views, wireless downloading and an internal on-site server video storage. The purchase price of $64,233 was obtained through the Oakland County bid process. To reduce the cost, the Michigan Municipal Risk Management Association (MMRMA) will pay $1,000 per in-car camera, with potential additional MMRMA grants for the body-worn cameras and servers.

Other purchases approved for the Police Dept. are for an Intel Server SystemP4300CW and related software for $6,333, CTERA C400 4-bay video backup device for $2,661, and a Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor E3-1220 server for $4,014 – all from I.T. Right. A Microsoft SQL Server 2017 standard software will be purchased from CDW-G for $2,532. The purchases were secured through MiDEAL.

Council communications:

Nancy Darga welcomed the public to participate in a Day in the Park on August 15, 11 a.m., at Lake St. Clair Metro Park to celebrate the Metro Parks’ 100 anniversary. Register and learn more at SEMCOG.org.

Mayor Ken Roth thanked the Police Dept. and Dept. of Public Works for doing a great job during the Michigan Now festival, which took place the weekend of Aug. 2-4.

Public comments:

Nancy Chiri, of 661 W. Main, brought up a concern about a potential shortage of parking at the Village Workshop, which plans to open a craft brewery, and the surrounding east side of Cady St. After Council heard her concerns, the mayor accepted her notes and encouraged her to also state her concerns at the Planning Commission meeting, which has granted conditional approval of the plan but is reviewing additional information about peak usage and related matters.

Lenore Lewandowski, of 119 Randolph, brought up two concerns. She wanted to know if the condos being built at 320 N. Center are three-stories tall, which adheres to zoning and the master plan, or closer to four stories tall with the rooftop area that has a brick wall facing N. Center St. City Manager Pat Sullivan said the building inspector will verify the size.
Secondly, Lewandowski asked about the condition of the trees adjacent to the building site at Cady and Griswold. She said the three large trees in the back of Community Federal were damaged when the site was prepared and many roots are now exposed. Sullivan noted that he is also concerned about the damage to trees there and the City is discussing the matter with the builder/developer. He also intends to get the tree inspector involved in site plans earlier to foresee similar issues and prevent damage to landmark trees.

View meeting video.