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Northville is a lively city, with a 149-year old history, that offers beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant business district, first-rate schools and city services, historic buildings and settings, and plenty of parks and trails for relaxing, enjoying nature and staying active.

The city embraces its heritage with historic buildings in downtown Northville, neighborhoods that feature 19th Century homes, and unique historical sites.

Specialty shops, art galleries, theaters, restaurants and intriguing landmarks abound in the walkable downtown.

If you’re looking for green space, you’ll find it at the city’s numerous parks and trails – many with woods, ponds and rivers. Children and adults alike can explore and exercise in acres of green space – perfect for walking and running. City roads have plenty of bike lanes for leisure and serious bikers.

Come to Northville to experience all that makes this city a destination for quality living.

James Kelly Aydlott

Village Workshop is the place where makers’ dreams come true

Makers, innovators and engineers can’t wait to get their hands on the high-tech equipment at the Village Workshop in their quest to produce something of value – whether it’s for their personal use, a prototype, a saleable product, or a tool that helps solve a problem.  Learn more about the Village Workshop.

Council Meeting

City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Jan. 3, 2017.

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Council Meeting

City Council Update

Highlights from the meeting on Dec. 19, 2016.

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