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Northville is a lively city, with a 150-year old history, that offers beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant business district, first-rate schools and city services, historic buildings and settings, and plenty of parks and trails for relaxing, enjoying nature and staying active.

The city embraces its heritage with historic buildings in downtown Northville, neighborhoods that feature 19th Century homes, and unique historical sites.

Specialty shops, art galleries, theaters, restaurants and intriguing landmarks abound in the walkable downtown.

If you’re looking for green space, you’ll find it at the city’s numerous parks and trails – many with woods, ponds and rivers. Children and adults alike can explore and exercise in acres of green space – perfect for walking and running. City roads have plenty of bike lanes for leisure and serious bikers.

Come to Northville to experience all that makes this city a destination for quality living.

City Council 

City Council Update - August 6, 2018

Public comments
Bill Flohr, a member of the coaching staff for Northville High School Varsity Baseball, inquired about renting Ford Field in May 2019 for a fundraising concert to benefit low-income veterans in need of housing. The special events policy currently requires that events in Ford Field must rent one year in advance to avoid conflicting events with nearby Mill Race Village. City Council will look into amending the policy to allow events to be held in less than one year if Mill Race Village has no events on that date.

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Propane Training 

August 7, 2018 Election Results

Election results can be found on the County website.

Precinct 1
Precinct 2

Precinct 1
Precinct 1 - Absentee Voters

Propane Training

Questions and Answers about the 2018 Street Bond

1. Why do we need a roads millage?
The amount of funds budgeted annually for road repair and replacement, approximately $550,000 per year, is not sufficient to keep pace with the rate at which roads are deteriorating.

At present, 46.5% of Northville roads have a “poor” rating … which means that we are repairing roads when they get closer to the “replacement” condition. This is a very expensive way to maintain roads. It also results in people driving on roads that are more likely to develop potholes and crumbling conditions.

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City of Northville has a plan to prioritize road repair and replacement

There’s a science to determining how roads should be repaired or replaced, balanced by practicality and traffic flow.

The process of evaluation and analysis starts with rating roads using the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system, an industry-standard assessment in which trained analysts drive each segment of road (from intersection to intersection) and score it from one (the worst) to 10 (a new road). Roads rated 7 or 8 may require routine maintenance, such as crack sealing or minor patching. Roads rated 4-6 are considered to be in “fair” condition and may need preventive maintenance, such as an overlay or joint repairs. Roads rated less than 4 are candidates for extensive repairs or reconstruction.

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Propane Training

Training keeps Explorers at cutting-edge of new firefighting tactics and technology

Every summer, the Northville City Fire Department sends a group of Explorers – young adults and teens interested in becoming firefighters – to the University of Illinois Fire Service Institute in Champaign for intense training in firefighting and rescue skills. Two Explorers, Lucas Calandro, 19, and Brennan Mikel, 18, attended the Explorer Cadet Fire Academy in July. They were joined by Post Advisor Shari Allen and former Explorer Paul McKeever, now serving in the Air Force.

The four-day event serves some 400 people, mostly from nearby states. The students are divided into a basic or advanced group depending on their skill level and prior training. Lucas, in his fourth year with the Explorers, participated in the advanced class and practiced training with live fire.

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