Attending Council Meetings
The City Council encourages attendance at City Council meetings. The City Council typically meets on the first and third Monday of each month. However, the meeting schedule may be adjusted at times due to conflicts with holidays. Special meetings of the City Council may be called periodically to address particular issues or to conduct a joint meeting with another governing body or other City advisory boards or commissions. Be sure to check online or contact the City Clerk or City Manager's offices to confirm a meeting date and time.

The mayor presides over most meetings of the City Council. When the mayor is absent, the mayor pro tem conducts the meeting.

At each meeting of the City Council an agenda of business to be conducted is prepared. Copies of the agenda are available inside the entrance to the City Council Chambers. Citizens are welcome to address the City Council on matters not on the City Council agenda under the "citizens comments" section of the agenda. Otherwise, the City Council will allow citizen comments when each matter of business is addressed on the agenda.

If you have a matter of concern, it is suggested that you contact the appropriate department for assistance. If you are unsure where to turn to for help, contact the City Manager’s Office. City staff may be able to address your concern quickly. If you are not satisfied with City staff response or resolution, you can always address the City Council on any matter of concern.

Suggestions for addressing the City Council:
  • Determine if your matter of concern is on the agenda or if it is properly brought up under "citizens comments."
  • The mayor will ask for comments or citizen input for matters not on the agenda under "citizens comments." When this is announced, you may ask to be acknowledged by the mayor.
  • Give your name and address (for the record) before speaking on your matter of concern.
  • Speak directly to the mayor or whoever is chairing the meeting.
  • State your concern clearly and succinctly. Be specific. Please limit your comments to five minutes or less.
For matters requiring discussion beyond five minutes, the mayor and City Council may add your item to the regular agenda for more intensive discussion later in the meeting.

4 City Council members surround Mayor Brian Turnbull
Northville City Council members, from left, Patrick Giesa, Barbara Moroski-Browne, Sam Ekong; and Mayor Pro tem Marilyn Price;  and (seated) Mayor Brian Turnbull. (Photo by Liz Cezat)

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