Police Forms

Alarm Registration

Before you operate an alarm system on property within the city you must complete this alarm registration form and return it to the police department. This form contains information that is useful should the police be called to your property on an alarm. There is no fee charged in connection with registering your alarm system.

Bad Check Forms 

If you receive a bad check in the City of Northville, please complete this form before coming to the Police Department to file a complaint.

House/Vacation Watch 

If you want to request the Police Department to keep an extra watch on your home while you are away on vacation, please complete this form and bring it into the Police Department.

Liquor License Application

Applicants should first contact the Michigan Liquor Control Commission prior to beginning the application process with the City. Under the City of Northville’s liquor management ordinance, those applying for a liquor license within the City must file an “operation plan” along with the completed application (instructions are on the application). Both documents will be reviewed by the City’s Liquor License Review Committee (LLRC) and then all “On-Premise” licenses must be approved by City Council.

Liquor licenses are reviewed annually by the LLRC. See Section 5-65 of the Northville Code of Ordinances.

Parking Permit Application 

Parking is prohibited on city streets and municipal lots between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.  If you need to park your vehicle on the street or in a lot overnight for an extended period of time, please complete this application and submit it to the Police Department for processing. Any outstanding parking tickets must be paid in full prior to permit approval.

Parking Ticket Dismissal Request 

If you feel you were unjustly issued a parking ticket, complete this form. Submit the form and the ticket to the Police Department. You will be notified of the decision of the Chief of Police by mail. Please read the instructions carefully.

Request for Police Records 

 If you need a copy of a police report on file with the Northville Police Department, please view the Police Records Request page.