Solid Waste Service

For the collection of trash from restaurants, retail, churches/halls, service providers and professional offices, visit: Commercial Solid Waste Collection Program.

Christmas and New Year's Day  - Since these holidays fall on a Sunday in 2022, there will be no delay in the regularly scheduled waste collection pickup. 

Residential Solid Waste Collection Program

The City of Northville contracts out solid waste collection services to a private hauler.  Under contract, GFL collects trash, recycling materials, and compost materials from residents on a weekly basis. NOTE: Compost materials are collected weekly only between April 1 and Nov. 30.  There is no compost collection Dec. 1 to March 31. 

Trash and recycling pick-up for city residents north of Eight Mile Road is slated for Mondays and for residents south of Eight Mile Road, it's collected on Tuesdays.  If your trash/recyclables are not picked up as scheduled, please contact GFL directly at 844.464.3587.

Trash should be set on the lawn near the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Position the 65-gallon and 95-gallon carts so the opening for the lid is facing the street and the hinged part is facing your residence. 
The bimonthly charge for residential trash/recycling/compost/brush collection and leaf pickup services is $41.06 through June 30, 2022 and $42 on July 1, 2022. Residents are charged two months in advance; and this charge is placed on the resident’s utility bill.

Residents have the right to opt out of the City’s household solid waste collection program but must use a solid waste collection contractor licensed with the City of Northville. By opting out of this program, households may not participate in any portion of the program which includes trash, recycling, compost, brush collection, or the fall leaf pickup program.  You may download the form below or complete the online form.

DPW prepares residents for changes to trash collection

City Council approved a 5-year contract with GFL Environmental USA, Inc. for garbage collection and recycling (commercial and residential), yard waste collection and other services at its March 21 meeting. The contract, which runs June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2027, includes pick-up of bulk items, yard waste, and brush chipping.

Waste Management held the contract for 14 years with renewals, and also bid on this contract along with GFL and Priority Waste. GFL was chosen based on its resources, positive references and competitive prices.

A slight cost increase will go into effect July 1, 2022 for residential customers; commercial rates will not change. Garbage collection and related services are covered by the Solid Waste Fund, which is financed through user fees and charges.

To help residents become familiar with the new trash and recycling bins to be used by GFL, two sample bins have been set up inside City Hall. Residents can view them and take them for a spin in the lobby area. Their big back wheels make them easy to move in and out of garages and other storage areas.

Residents will receive a new 95-gallon cart for trash and a 65-gallon cart for recyclables. Bags and bins with a 35-gallon capacity can also be used with the carts or alone. One cart will be funded by the city, the second will be included in user rates.

The bins were delivered to homes, condos and apartments that contract with the city for trash/recycling, on or after June 2.

The first week of June was a transition period as Waste Management ended its contract and GFL began trash/recycling pick-up.

If you have questions about the trash/recycling collection program, please contact DPW. We invite you to follow and respond to the city’s related posts on Facebook and Twitter. GFL, with input from DPW, recently mailed an informative brochure to residents. City News and the city website will also have regular updates.

Residents’ questions about the new GFL trash pick-up
and recycling program

Q. Will we still be able to put large items out knowing they will be picked up without any special calls?
A. Yes, GFL will pick up large items, such as appliances and mattresses. Items that use freon (air conditioner, refrigerator) require a $36 sticker, which can be purchased at City Hall.

Q. Will the new vendor take away our old bins?
A. Yes. If you no longer want your 18-gallon recycling bin, please recycle it by putting it into the 65-gallon recycling cart or you can put a “recycle” note on it and set it at your curb on trash collection day. Plastic garbage cans may also be recyclable. Check the symbol on it and if it is recyclable, put a note on it. If it can’t be recycled, set it out with your trash and mark it as such.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what we can put in the carts?
A. Obviously, no hazardous waste. Otherwise regular household trash and recyclable items. There will be a list for those recyclables.

Q. Can I just dump trash into the cart without a bag?

A. Bagged garbage is preferred because it reduces the chances of coming loose or attracting undesirable critters. However, if something doesn't fit into a trash bag, such as a mangled golf club, simply put it into the cart.
Q. How do I tell GFL that I don't want a trash or recycling cart? I already have several large trash containers and I don't have room for more in my garage.
A.  The deadline has passed (May 20) to notify DPW if you want to opt out of getting a cart(s) or want a smaller trash cart rather than the larger one. If you want to change out any carts at this point, please contact GFL at 844-464-3587. If you encounter any cart  requests or other issues that can't be resolved by GFL, please inform the DPW Director Mike Domine at [email protected]

Q. Is recycling still happening every week?
A. Yes. You can put out your recycling cart (or current bin) every week. For greater efficiency, please put out only filled carts/bins.

Q. Is the new service for the entire area of Northville - city and township?
A. GFL is the new contractor for the city of Northville. The township has already been using GFL and has a separate contract.

Q. With limited garage space, where should I store the carts?
A. Try to locate a place next to your house where they can’t be seen from the street - typically a side yard or backyard.

Q. I’m a senior and don’t have a lot of strength to move the carts. What are my options?
A. The large wheels make the carts easy to maneuver; let the wheels do the work for you. Also, you can request the 65-gallon carts for recycling and for trash, which will be easier to move around than the 95-gallon trash cart.

Q. What are the cart dimensions?
A. The 95-gallon cart is 29.2” width by 43.5” height with a 28.1” wheel base depth and 33.3” lid depth. The 65-gallon cart is 26.7” width by 41.3” height.

If you have any questions not stated here, please send an email to the DPW director.
  • Cancellation of City Residential Solid Waste Collection Services (download, print, complete and return)
Household Hazardous Waste drop off is now available
See information on this webpage.

Large Item Pick Up

When you have a large item to dispose –  such as large appliances, water heaters, steel bathtubs, furniture, mattresses and box springs, televisions, and other bulky items –  set it at the curb before 7 a.m. on your trash day.  If bad weather, please cover upholstery with plastic to keep it dry and light. Do not pack appliances in cardboard boxes. Some appliances may be picked up separately and recycled (see note below about refrigerators). Northville Ordinance requires refrigerator and freezer doors to be removed before they are set out at the curb.

Removal of appliances with Freon
If residents need to dispose of appliances that contain freon, such as refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners, they must purchase a sticker to place on these items for collection.  The fee for the sticker, which is available at City Hall, is $36. This fee is used to cover the cost of removing the Freon from these items as required by state and federal law. 

Carpeting will be picked up at the curb only if it is rolled up and tied with heavy twine, and the tied rolls are not longer than 3’ in length, and weigh less than 50 pounds per roll. Large pieces of carpeting that are too long or untied will not be picked up.  Soft padding will be taken in large sections if rolled, tied, and kept dry. Small pieces may be tied or bagged. Place disposable plastic wrap over these items in rainy or snowy weather to keep them dry and light. 

Christmas trees
There is a two-week period after Christmas, where plain Christmas trees (no decorations or wrapping) will be recycled if left by the curb on your regular trash pick-up day. After that period, trees along with wreaths, roping and garland will be collected as trash.

Dangerous chemicals and materials
Do not place any containers with motor oil, liquid paint, poisonous or caustic chemicals, gas tanks, propane tanks, medical wastes, needles, asbestos, or ammunition inside a plastic bag or hide them in any type of receptacle.  These may explode upon compaction or cause other serious injuries to a trash collector or bystanders.

Items not collected
GFL is contracted to pick up your residential solid waste once a week. They do not pick up construction materials such as sand, bricks, concrete blocks, lumber, cement, stones, drywall, gravel, roofing materials, glass doors, windows, paneling, countertops, flooring, etc. The following items are also not picked up on trash day: metal sheds, garage doors, swing sets, picnic tables, car parts, inflated or mounted tires, railroad ties, sod, dirt, tree stumps, tree trunks, oil base paint, lawn mowers, pool heaters, furnaces, or other large outside items. Contact GFL for information on special pickups or take them to the landfill located at 6 Mile & Napier.  To check rates and times, please call  248.793.5610.

See the accordion boxes below for disposal sites that will accept various trash items. 


B & L Radiator Service
1165 Starkweather


Precision Tune
725 Ann Arbor Road
Automobile Batteries
Davis Auto Care
807 Doheny
Automobile Parts
Haggerty Metals
14015 Haggerty


Weiser Recycling
39500 Clinton
Corrugated Cardboard
Onyx Recycling
10833 Five Mile
Salem Twp
Household Hazardous Waste and oil-based paints & stains
EQ Transfer & Processing
1010 Rawsonville Rd.
Medical Waste
Wayne County Dept. of Environment, Land Resources

Expired or unwanted prescription medication and needles can be deposited at a collection container located in the lobby of the Northville Township Police Department. (Drop-off is available 24/7.) 
41600 Six Mile Rd.
Northville, MI  48168
Haggerty Metals
14015 Haggerty


H & H Metals
29131 Michigan Ave.


Weiser Recycling
39500 Clinton
Motor Oil
Davis Auto Care
807 Doheny


Lakeshore Tire & Auto
14760 Northville
Radioactive Materials
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources
Environmental Assistance Center
Davis Auto Care
807 Doheny
Northville 248-349-5115


Onyx Waster Services
10690 Six Mile (at Napier)
Salem Twp


Lakeshore Tire & Auto
14760 Northville
Frozen trash
If trash is frozen to the ground, the crews will not take it. Due to safety considerations, crews cannot “dig out” frozen materials in trash cans or recycling bins. All material must be curbside and prepared for pickup by 7 a.m. 

Heavy snow
GFL will send trucks out on schedule except in extreme conditions. Workers will do the best they can under the circumstances. Place rubbish on top of snow. Bags and cans must be accessible from the road. Dark bags are easiest to see. Remember to have your trash out on time.

Recyclables:  Due to safety considerations, crews cannot “dig out” frozen recycling bins - they will take what they can.  Some services may be  suspended due to weather/road conditions.  

Please prepare all materials properly for efficient pickup. Do not have nails protruding from wood or other sharp objects that could harm the workers who handle the waste materials. Remove nails and staples or hammer them into the wood, and bundle or tape waste materials together when appropriate.     

All material must be placed at the front curb or roadside. It should not interfere with mail delivery. If there is a ditch in front of your property, the waste materials must be placed on the road side of the ditch not on your property side.  After collection, remove receptacles within 12 hours, pursuant to City Ordinance.

Trash Containers(non-cart)
Containers should be up to 35 gallon garbage cans of metal or plastic construction with two handles and tight-fitting lids.  Plastic bags with a thickness of not less than 1.5 mils will be suitable in lieu of containers. No cardboard boxes or paper bags can be used as containers.

Heavy rubbish:  No single receptacle or bag shall weigh more than 50 pounds when filled. Do not use a garbage can that is bigger than a 35 gallon size.  If a worker cannot lift a bag or can, it will be left at the curb.

Time of set out

Place all trash, recyclables, and compost (in season) at the curb before 7 a.m. on the day of the pickup.

Holidays / Delayed Pickups
There is pickup on Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Presidents' Day, Columbus Day and Election Day
Memorial Day - both Monday and Tuesday pickups delayed one day
Labor Day - both Monday and Tuesday pickups delayed one day

Commercial Solid Waste Collection Program

The City of Northville provides solid waste collection services to businesses, residents, and other entities within the city’s commercial district.  Strategically located in five locations throughout downtown Northville are six- and eight-yard dumpsters.  These dumpsters are marked for trash and for cardboard. They are emptied six times per week, Monday through Saturday.

Customers are asked to follow three basic rules established for the program.
       1.  Large items or large quantities of items not normally considered trash such as basement/apartment/attic clean-outs, building remodeling materials, etc. are not covered under this program.
       2. Do not place trash or large bulk items in front of or next to the dumpsters. If the trash cannot fit in the dumpster, wait until the dumpster is emptied.
       3. Break down all cardboard boxes before placing them into the dumpsters.

This program is completely funded by the users of the service. Similar to the Residential Solid Waste Collection Program, the Commercial Solid Waste Collection Program is not subsidized by the General Fund.  The cost for this service is charged to customers who use the system based on the following categories.
Restaurants $ 209.00 per month
Retail Food Sales
$  89.50 per month
Churches & Halls $  89.50 per month
Retail Sales 
$  67.50 per month 
Professional Services - Large Office $  53.50 per month
Professional Services - Small Office $  24.50 per month
Residential $  22.00 per month

These categories and their associated charges are based on historic usage.