What do Homeowner Association dues cover?
Posted on 04/12/2017
Neighbors benefit from having attractive landscaping in their subdivisions, a well-kept commons area, an inviting clubhouse and pool, and tennis and basketball courts that are in good repair. Since dues must be collected to cover the cost, the quest is to get the most bang for the buck.

In the Lexington Condo Homes Association, the association fee covers pool maintenance, lawn care, upkeep of the clubhouse, and exterior repairs to the condos. As of now, one-third of the average monthly fee of $440 goes towards the utilities of gas and water.

Condo units will have their own water lines later this year, which will reduce their association dues attributed to that cost. Discussions are being held to do the same thing with the gas lines – changing from a shared line per building to individual meters for each condo unit. They have a reserve fund for future repairs and unforeseen major expenses.

Annual dues at Lexington Commons Association, which includes the north and south condos as well as 162 houses, annually charges $60 for condos and $120 for houses.

“These two Condo Associations work collaboratively with Lexington Commons Association for the good of the entire neighborhood,” said Todd Farmer, president of Lexington Commons Association.

The dues cover snow removal and insurance on the buildings and grounds, said Laura Keller, president of the Lexington Condo Homes Association.

In Northville Estates, annual $50 fees go toward maintaining the front island entrance, new landscaping, signage, water and electricity (mostly for lights) and the annual summer picnic. This subdivision has 155 homes. This year, they plan to install a new sign at their front entrance – having saved for this major expenditure.

Abbey Knoll has used association funds – $250 annually – for landscape projects, custom signs, and standardized mailboxes, which project a nice curb appeal. They display outdoor holiday lights during Christmas and New Year’s.

Pheasant Hills HOA president Dan Wegienka says dues are $330 annually (they had been $300 for 20 years). Dues are used to pay for required landscaping, tree trimming, mailbox/ street sign maintenance, water, electricity and insurance for the subdivision. In the past, beautification projects such as new mailboxes and a new stone entrance were completed to help maintain the beauty of Pheasant Hills.