Food Trucks and Mobile Food Vending
Food Truck and Mobile Food Vending Registration

A Food Truck or other Mobile Food Vending stand, vehicle or trailer must be registered with the City to conduct business on privately-owned property.

The food truck or mobile food vending stand, vehicle or trailer is not permitted to operate on City streets or other city-owned property, except for trucks that are participating in a city-run event, or participating in an event that has been issued a Special Events Permit. Also, food trucks that are engaged by a private property owner for sole use at a private event (i.e. birthday party, graduation party, etc.) conducted on their property are not required to register with the City.

Questions pertaining to food trucks, or other types of mobile food vending stands should be directed to the Building Official via email or call 734-323-5613.

  • Food Truck (Mobile Food Vending) Registration