Learn how to landscape to contain stormwater and use native plants & flowers
Posted on 05/16/2019
Ground cover can help absorb excess water.Northville and surrounding areas in southeast Michigan have many beautiful rivers and lakes that create a natural setting for relaxation, while also providing a source of water for our personal use and for hydrating yards and other outdoor spaces. The water source comes to us after being treated by the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA).

When gardening, it’s important to plant so excessive rain doesn’t flow into nearby rivers, streams and lakes. When it does, it collects contaminants and dumps those pollutants into the water too.

Water quality in our lakes and rivers can be preserved by adding attractive landscape features designed to collect and prevent runoff. Learn how to do this in your own yard (or common space) and gardens by attending the Eco-Friendly Landscaping event (lecture and workshop) on Thursday, May 30, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Northville Community Center, 303 W. Main, Northville.

MSU Extension is conducting this event and will cover stormwater basics, Low Impact Development (LID) techniques, plant types and uses in LID design and onsite design assistance to incorporate LID practices on your property. Diane Pittaway, Beautification Commission chair, will be the master of ceremonies at the event.

The program is designed for those with little or no experience gardening with native plants. Participants should bring a sketch and photos of the area of their property that they want to work on.

The cost is $8 per person (pre-registration) or $10 at the door and includes instruction, Landscaping for Water Quality Book, additional handouts, hands-on assistance to develop a customized landscape design and refreshments. Deadline for pre-registration is May 28. To register and for more information, go to this web page or contact Terry Gibb at [email protected] or 586-469-6440.