Board of Review

Purpose and Composition

The Board of Review hears tax assessment appeals. 

  • 3 city residents and 1 alternate member
  • City resident for two years and a registered elector
  • Members serve 3 year terms
For more information contact 248-305-2704.

Member List
Member  Term
Maureen Ryan 1-1-21
Janice Cantelon
David Bolitho
Elizabeth Zaenger, Alternate

Meeting Dates and Location

Meeting Frequency and Location 

  • Meetings held in March, July, and December
  • City Hall, 215 W. Main Street

2020 Meeting Dates
March 3 (6:30pm)
March 9 (1pm-5pm and 6pm to 9pm)
March 11 (9am-2pm)
July TBD
December 10 (time TBD)

A synopsis of the APPROVED minutes are posted on the website. A complete set is on file in the Tax and Assessing Department.

DRAFT minutes are available for review within 8 business days after the meeting. Contact the City Clerk for a copy of the draft minutes.