Focus is on three subareas
Posted on 06/01/2021
Meetings are being held on Zoom. See link on city website calendar page.The Planning Commission is drafting language for the Master Plan Update to the Cady Street, South Center, and Racetrack subareas, with input from public comments, open houses and a compilation of two surveys that received 1,500 responses combined. In recent weeks, the commissioners have been discussing a vision for the Cady Street subarea (land uses, building heights, density, public amenities, etc.) and will continue this discussion at their regular meetings.

Throughout June and July, the commissioners will discuss each subarea vision and develop related draft language. Members of the community are encouraged to tune into Zoom meetings to find out what's being considered, and public comments are still welcome at every meeting.

“Keep in mind that your ongoing input is critical to ensuring that the Master Plan Update of these three subareas reflects the needs and hopes of the community at large,” said Donna Tinberg, chair of the Planning Commission and former head of the Subcommittee on Public Engagement (the subcommittee disbanded after the second survey was complete).

The intent is to complete the final draft of the update by the end of the summer and send it to City Council. After that, City Council will forward the final draft to neighboring communities for comment, and there will be a final public hearing in Northville, tentatively in November.