Downtown Development Authority

Purpose and Composition

To establish policy and administer the Downtown Development Authority district.

  • 11 members, including the Mayor
  • A majority of the members shall be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district.  1 member shall be a resident of said district.
  • Members serve 4 year terms
For more information contact 248-349-0345 or visit the DDA website.
Member List
*Vested Interest in downtown
**District Resident

Brian Turnbull, Mayor
DJ Boyd 9-30-24
Margene Buckhave*/**
Aaron Cozart* 9-30-25
Mike Jaafar* 9-30-23 
James R. Long*
Ryan McKindles 9-30-23
Gregory Presley* 9-30-23
Greg Richards* 9-30-25
Shawn Riley,* Chair 9-30-22
Mary Starring, Rec. Sec. 9-30-22

Meeting Dates and Location (public welcome to attend)

Meeting Frequency and Location

  • 3rd Tuesday, 8 a.m.
  • City Hall, 215 W. Main Street (Meeting Room A - lower level)
  • Public welcome to attend

 Meeting dates are posted on the DDA website


APPROVED minutes are posted on the website.

DRAFT minutes are available for review within 8 business days after the meeting. Contact the DDA Director for a copy of the draft minutes.