Economic Development Corporation

Purpose and Composition

The Economic Development Corporation was formed pursuant to the provisions of Public Act 338 of 1974. 

The EDC is directed and governed by a board of directors consisting of not less than nine
 members.  Not more than three members may be officers or employees of the City.  The mayor and any members of the city council may serve on the board of directors.   Members are appointed for six-year terms by the Mayor with the advice and consent of City Council. 

The EDC shall notify the Mayor in writing of its intention to commence the preparation of any project plan.  Once notified, the Mayor shall promptly appoint two additional directors of the corporation who shall be representative of neighborhood residents likely to be affected by each project proposed by the EDC.  Those members cease to serve when the project for which they are appointed is either abandoned or if undertaken, is completed in accordance with the project plan.   For more information about the EDC, contact the City Manager's office at 248-449-9905.

Meeting location
[determined when meeting is scheduled]
Contact the City Manager's office at 248-449-9905 

Agendas and minutes
Contact the City Clerk to request to review the archived minute book

Meeting dates
[meeting dates and times scheduled as needed]

Current members
Members Term
George Lahanas, City Manager  
Andrew Krenz, Council Liaison

Governing documents
Ordinance - Ch 26 Community Development, Article II Economic Development Corporation
PA 338 of 1974