Historic District Commission

​Purpose and Composition

The Historic District Commission reviews exterior and architectural changes to structures within the Historic District. 

  • 7 members.  Members include the Mayor or the alternate selected by the mayor and confirmed by city council, and 6 City residents
  • At least two members must reside within the historic district
  • Architect member or consultant
  • Members serve 3 year terms     

For more information contact 248-449-9902

Member List
Lives in District*


James C. Allen, Chair
David Field*, Vice Chair 1-1-24
Jeff Gaines, Architect 1-1-23
Thomas Gudritz* 1-1-22
Chuck Murdock 1-1-23
Gisvi Pardo De Reyes 1-1-22
Mario Tartaglia 1-1-24
Barbara Moroski-Browne
Council Liaison

Meeting Dates and Location (public welcome to attend)

Meeting Frequency and Location

  • 3rd Wednesday, 7 p.m.
  • City Hall, 215 W. Main Street
  • Public welcome to attend

List of Meeting Dates

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Appearing Before the Historic District Commission
Click here for information about submitting a project for Historic District Commission review.
Historic District Information and Resources
Click here to view Historic District maps, reports, and studies.
Historic Survey Project
Click here to view information about the Historic Survey Project.
  • Historic District Commission Meeting Agenda
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  • Historic District Commission Archives
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APPROVED minutes are posted on the website.

DRAFT minutes are available for review within 8 business days after the meeting. Contact the City Clerk for a copy of the draft minutes.