Envisioning future development in key areas of the City
Posted on 09/30/2019
The Downs is among the sections being reviewed in the Master Plan. The City is working on the process of re-opening a portion of the Master Plan to focus on three sub area plans – Cady Town/Cady Street, Racetrack, and S. Center Street – spanning the City’s southern gateway at 7 Mile and Sheldon (Center) through the southern edge of downtown.

In Northville, the process of deciding what to add in terms of new development is achieved through community planning that complies with State law; the efforts of committed staff, commissioners and the City Council; and the Master Plan.

The initial work plan and schedule is being developed by City Planning Consultant Sally Elmiger of Carlisle Wortman Associates (CWA) and Planning Commission Chair Steve Kirk, with input from the Planning Commission.

Background studies will be conducted by CWA in conjunction with City administration and the Planning Commission to assess the impact of the new floodplain boundary, current traffic volume, stormwater and other elements. Results will be presented at Planning Commission meetings.

The entire process will be transparent and involve citizen input. Similar to past work on the Master Plan, citizen preferences, concerns and viewpoints will be solicited by a survey, which will serve as a key reference piece and guide to development. Public input will also be gathered during Master Plan discussions at Planning Commission meetings, and a public hearing will be held near the end of the process. Citizens can send comments via email and regular mail to the City planners throughout the process.

The move to reopen three sub areas of the Master Plan came after the Planning Commission’s discussion of the preliminary PUD and preliminary site plan presented by Hunter-Pasteur for the Downs property and adjoining sub-areas. These discussions uncovered new information about the property and impacts of redevelopment. The PUD plans have been formally withdrawn, and no new proposals have yet been formally submitted for review.

Watch the City’s website and City News for further developments.