COVID-19 news and a look at summers past
Posted on 08/06/2020
Mayor Brian Turnbull Northvillians,

It was an eventful week! On Monday, the City Council approved an amendment to our zoning ordinance – brought forward by the Planning Commission – which defines the maximum “floor area” permitted of a home based on the size of the lot. In this case, 0.36 was the approved Floor Area Ratio (FAR). Additionally, the Planning Commission recommended and Council approved a secondary, related ordinance that provides incentives for front porches and rear garages. Administratively, I asked that we conduct yearly reviews on home starts and housing values and remain flexible when evaluating FAR in the future.

Also notable, the DDA brought to the Council’s attention a recommendation to apply for a Social District (new legislation signed by the Governor in July; in effect through 2024.). This will further enhance the excitement in our downtown. After careful review and study, the Council approved this motion, which will allow citizens to stroll with an alcoholic drink throughout the entire social district once we receive state approval and policies and procedures are established. This will be a welcome enhancement for our merchants in the downtown business district on Main and Center.

Concerning roads, great progress has been made on Rogers and Cady, along with other projects in town. We are updating our infrastructure for our enjoyment now and for the next generation.

Summertime Memories
This has truly been a summer with unprecedented happenings. Let’s take a look back at memorable traditions of summers gone by. As we approached the end of the season, the entire community used to annually engage in and celebrate the opening of the Wayne County Fair at Northville Downs, which rivaled the State Fair in attendance and excitement. The fair was quite an event with horse racing, carnival rides, animals, and pageantry. Additionally, the NHS senior class would raise enough money selling baked goods to take their entire class to Washington, D.C. for their senior trip via the train. They departed from the Northville station, which was behind the Northville well across from the Stitching Post. These are just two examples of what has made Northville a wonderful place to live.

As summer days shorten, I encourage you to engage and enjoy Northville, with its unique topography of lakes, hills and rivers. With our downtown now ideal for walking and dining outside, there’s a lot to see and do. Take in the music on the weekends, stroll through the Mill Race Park and get a feel of times past. Wander down Dunlap St. with all its Victorian homes on the National Registry. For all you newly conditioned walkers, continue on to beautiful Cabbage Town, historic Beal Town and then Orchard Heights. There is a lot to see!

COVID-19 Update
● Thank you for your community support by masking up, social distancing and reaching out to those in need (Civic Concern, seniors, youth, local businesses, family and friends).
● COVID-19: Northville has had 49 cases/7 fatalities (one of the lowest in Wayne County), Township 208 cases /25 fatalities, Michigan 93,000 cases /6,500 fatalities, and the Nation 4.7 million cases /155,000 fatalities.

My commitment continues to keep you connected and safe, while having open communication.

Enjoy your summer in the Ville and stroll Ford Field, Mill Race Village and Downtown.

Keep that Northville Faith!
Stay #NorthvilleStrong!

Brian Turnbull
Mayor – Northville / 248.505.6849