Process helps define action plan
Posted on 03/10/2022
Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels.City Council held a special meeting on Friday, March 4, at 10 a.m. in Council Chambers that served as a strategic planning session to determine the priorities for Ford Field, the Farmers’ Market, and the Rouge Restoration based on framework plans by task force members and the sustainability team, and other information.

The meeting was led by Nate Geinzer, CEO of Double Haul Solutions, LLC. He is working in tandem with Jaymes Vettraino of Vettraino Consulting, which advised the city on the successful phase-in of financial allocations for several major projects in 2018.

At the meeting, Geinzer led council members through the process for determining priorities for approximately 50 projects identified by the task forces. He noted that they will need to deploy resources (staff time, money and consultant work) in the most effective ways. The goal is to have a strategic plan that council, city employees and citizens can get behind, with a process that defends priority projects.

Mayor Brian Turnbull said that consistently working step-by-step toward identified priorities is the roadmap that eventually leads to the end result. The next step is for council members to work with the consultant and City Manager Pat Sullivan to develop a set of categorized projects and indicate, through a survey, the priority level for those projects.

The priorities identified by council members and, in the coming months, through a survey of staff, residents and community stakeholders will be incorporated into the city’s goals and objectives.

Geinzer noted that volunteers put a lot of time and thought into the projects they worked on and applauded them for their efforts. He noted that by focusing on identified, realistic projects, the city will be more likely to achieve them.

The final product will be a report to council based on input from council, administration, staff, and key stakeholders.

There were no public comments.

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