Master Plan Sub-Area Review
Master Plan Survey

Help shape the City of Northville's future by taking a survey about the Master Plan.  The survey will help guide the redevelopment of the Racetrack, Cady St./Cady Town, and S. Center St.  The Planning Commission is reviewing these three sub-areas of the Master Plan.  They want your input into how we live, work and play there. 

The survey should take less than 15 minutes to complete. To obtain a paper copy or for questions about the survey, contact City Manager Pat Sullivan by email or call 248-449-9905.  

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Master Plan Informative Sessions 

The Planning Commission is hosting five special sessions to provide up-to-date information by experts on core topics of redevelopment.  The sessions will provide the community with a common base of facts that underlay redevelopment as the Master Plan process advances.  


Session #1 Planning and Zoning Basics, and Financial Information (2/24/20)

Session #2 Demographics and Schools (4/29/20)

Session #3 Traffic, Walkability/Mobility, and Parking (6/12/20)

Session #4 Future Land Use (6/18/20)

Click here to send questions related to the video topics.  Questions and responses will be posted on this page. 

​Documents Pertaining to the 2019 - 2020 Master Plan Update

[Documents are posted below when available]

11/5/19 and 11/19/20 Planning Commission Meetings
12/3/19 and 12/17/19 Planning Commission Meetings
Master Plan advisory subcommittee established at 12/3/19 meeting

12/17/19 Meeting
1st Update from the Subcommittee on Public Engagement
Process Overview Draft
1/7/20 and 1/21/20 Planning Commission Meetings
1/7/20 meeting was canceled as there were no business items to come before the Planning Commission

1/21/20 meeting
DRAFT Informational Meeting Agenda
Informational Meeting Presentation Template
Carlisle/Wortman Memo - Master Plan Update/Public Input (1/16/20)

2/4/20 and 2/18/20 Planning Commission Meetings
2/4/20 meeting was canceled as there were no business items to come before the Planning Commission

2/18/20 meeting
2nd Update from Subcommittee on Public Engagement (2/18/20)
Carlisle/Wortman Memo - Informational Sessions Update (2/13/20)

3/3/20 and 3/17/20 Planning Commission Meetings
3/3/20 meeting:  no update
3/17/20 meeting: meeting canceled at request of Chair and Vice-Chair
4/7/20 and 4/21/2020 Planning Commission Meetings
4/7/20 meeting was canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic

4/21/20 meeting
3rd Update from Subcommittee on Public Engagement (4/21/20)
Origin of the Power of 10
What is Placemaking

5/5/20 and 5/19/20 Planning Commission Meetings
7/7/20 and 7/21/20 Planning Commission Meetings

2018 Master Plan and Other Studies

  • City of Northville Master Plan 2018
  • 2014 Joint Master Plan Committee Report
  • Residential Infill Survey Results