Northville Downs - Planned Unit Development

Hunter Pasteur Northville LLC

Project Name
The Downs Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Project Location
Vacant parcels on the south side of Cady Street (between S. Center and Griswold), the Northville Downs racetrack property south of Cady Street (between S. Center St. and River St.), and two areas on the west side of S. Center Street.

Returning PUD Eligibility - submitted 3/26/19

Northville Downs - Watermark Apartment/Retail Buildings

Watermark Residential 

Project Name
Watermark Apartment/Retail Buildings

Project Location
South side of Cady Street, will encompass all of the vacant property along the street frontage between S. Center Street and Griswold. 

Note:  Certain documents pertaining to Watermark Apartments are included in the NV Downs / Hunter Pasteur submission posted above.   

HDC Submission for Conceptual Discussion - Watermark Residential
Some documents are large in size and may take additional time to download

Watermark Residential is seeking input from the Historic District Commission at the 1/16/19 meeting.  They are not requesting any type of formal approval

Historic District Commission Application - Conceptual Discussion
Conceptual Design dated 11/9/18
Carlisle/Wortman Memo dated 1/9/19