Notary Service

Notary Services

The City of Northville offers notary services pursuant to the laws of the State of Michigan.  We only perform traditional pen and paper notarization.  

The Notary Public is witnessing your signature on a document.  The Notary does not verify the accuracy or legality of the document being signed.

Notary Policies

  • All individuals requesting notary services must be present. 
  • All parties must sign in the presence of a Notary public.  Do not pre-sign your documents.
  • We will confirm the identity of all individuals against a government issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license, state id, passport).
  • Documents shall not contain blanks.  Incomplete documents will not be notarized.
  • Documents must include the type of notarization needed:  1) Acknowledgement, 2) Jurat, or 3) Witness or Attest to a Signature.  
  • The Notary is not an attorney and will not give legal advice, provide direction on the type of notarization required for your document, or add the type of notarization needed for your document. 
  • The document must be written in the English language.  If your document is not written in the English language and/or includes the English translation, you should use a Notary public familiar with the language in which the document is written. 
  • Notaries cannot certify or notarize that a record is an original or true copy of another record.  If you need a "certified true copy" of a document, you must go to the place of origin to obtain it.
  • The City of Northville will not notarize copies of passports or I-9 forms, or copies of closing documents, trusts, or wills.
  • Notaries will not certify that a statement is true or certify documents attesting that you are citizen, are alive, etc.

The City of Northville reserves the right to refuse to notarize any document.

$5 fee for each notarial act required for your document.

Notary Service Hours

City Hall hours are 8am to 4:30pm.  Notary service is "walk-in" service.