Election Inspectors

Make a difference and help others do so, too, by becoming an election inspector. The City of Northville needs pleasant, hard-working, dependable people to work on Election Day. This is a wonderful way to meet great people, provide community service, and get a little extra cash - starting pay rates are now $16.00 per hour!

The City of Northville is recruiting for two different positions on Election Day:

  • Poll Worker - Workers are assigned to one of the two precincts in the City of Northville, working the polls from 6 am to approximately 9:30 pm. 
  • Absent Voter Counting Board - The AVCB is comprised of election workers who process and tabulate all of the absentee ballots.  Once processing begins, AVCB workers are sequestered in City Hall until the last ballot has been processed.  After all ballots are processed, AVCB workers must close out the AVCB, secure ballots, complete paperwork, and deliver all to the Clerk's office.  This is typically done by 10 pm.


Election Inspectors must be a US Citizen and registered to vote in the State of Michigan.  They must be able to retain and utilize the information provided during training sessions, work under the direct supervision of the precinct chairperson, and be proficient with computers.

Application and Additional Information

Use this link to download an application and for additional training and assignment information.  Michigan Election Law requires that you indicate your political party affiliation on the Election Inspector Application.  If you declare "Independent" or "No Party Affiliation" your application will be disqualified.

If you have worked at a City of Northville election as an election inspector or chairperson within the past two years, there is no need to reapply. You will receive an email from the Clerk’s Office approximately 60 days before each election regarding your availability to work on Election Day!

Precinct Chair $300/day
Precinct Co-Chair $270/day
Precinct Election Inspector $240/day*
*prorated hourly if partial day
AVCB Chair $20/hr
AVCB Co-Chair $18/hr
AVCB Election Inspector $16/hr
Training $20/session


Please note that if you or an immediate family member are a candidate for office on the ballot, you are not eligible to work as an election inspector.  If you are a precinct delegate candidate, you are eligible to work in a precinct other than the precinct in which you reside. 

Attention High School Students

The City of Northville is currently recruiting new student election inspectors in good academic standing to work at the polls. You must be at least 16 years old and will be assigned either the first shift (6:00 am – 2:00 pm) or the second shift (1:00 pm – approximately 9:00 pm). Taking part in the Election is a great way to distinguish yourself when you apply to college. Pay for student election inspectors is $16.00/hour. Sign up today!

Election Workers Training

Click here to view training videos provided by the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

Election Worker Election Day Materials
The following documents pertain to important election day issues, management of polls, and other materials that election workers should be aware of for each election.