Where Do I Vote?
Election Day imagePolling Locations

Precinct 1 (Wayne County): Community Center, 303 W. Main Street 
Precinct 2 (Oakland County): Amerman School, 847 N. Center Street

Voting Hours

The polls are open 7am - 8pm.  You must be in line, with an application to vote, by 8pm.  Election workers and local Clerks do NOT have the authority to keep the polls open past 8pm. 
Accessible Voting at Your Polling Location

All voters can independently and privately participate in the election process at their polling place.  The City of Northville uses the Hart Voter Assist Terminal, which is a ballot marking device that assists with marking a traditional paper ballot.   The completed ballot is then fed into a tabulator, which scans and records the votes. 

The machine features a large font touch screen, and a Braille keypad and audio headset.  Voters may also vote with the aid of their own personal sip/puff device or foot pedal that can be plugged into a port on the front of the terminal.  

The Hart Voter Assist Terminal is available for all voters to use in each City of Northville polling place.  Click here to see how to use the Hart Voter Assist Terminal.