Emergency Medical Services
Response to reported medical emergencies make up the majority of the Fire Department’s calls. The department is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Basic Life Support Agency, and operates three BLS ambulances, two BLS non-transport vehicles and a special event rescue vehicle.

The department employs a team response to EMS calls. Police Department personnel, trained in first aid or as Medical First Responders may be the first on the scene. This is augmented by the department’s BLS response assets. Advanced Life Support Services are provided through partnerships with private ALS providers. Community EMS (CEMS) responds to EMS calls in Northville, while Huron Valley Ambulance (HVA) responds to calls in Plymouth.

The Department also has the capability of providing EMS standby services during large scale community gatherings and athletic events. We can deploy personnel on bicycles or in a special event rescue vehicle to provide timely access for those in need of EMS services.

Image of the back of an emergency vehicle
Image of 2 Emergency Vehicles
Image of Fire Rescue personel