Fire Prevention Division
The Fire Prevention Division consists of the fire marshal and four fire inspectors, all of whom hold Fire Inspector Certifications through the State of Michigan. The division is responsible for plan review, consultations with builders and owners regarding fire code requirements, certificate of occupancy and business registration inspections, alarm and suppression system testing, routine business inspections and code enforcement activity. The division seeks to work cooperatively with business owners to improve the safety of their customers, employees and investment.

Fire prevention is a core mission of the entire department, and all members of the department receive training in fire prevention and inspection techniques. Department personnel conduct company-level site visits to gather information regarding high-risk occupancies, and assist the department with planning for an emergency response.

The department also provides free home fire safety surveys.  A department member will come to your home at a scheduled time to conduct the survey and provide you with tips designed to improve fire safety. Northville residents Peter and Kathy Scullen are one of many satisfied homeowners who've had a survey performed.  “They (the firefighters) were very helpful and gave us great advice on how to upgrade and protect our home to prevent fire.” 

If you are interested in a free voluntary home fire survey, please call 248-449-9920.

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