Parking Notices
Overnight parking order suspended until Jan. 2, 2024

The Police Department has issued a moratorium on overnight parking restrictions from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. on streets and in city parking lots from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2. During the Christmas/New Year holidays, many Northville residents have more guests and family members staying overnight at their homes. The Police Department wants to welcome these visitors to the city during the holiday season by temporarily lifting the limits on overnight street parking.

After the moratorium is lifted, those who want permission to park overnight on the street will be able to make their request online rather than calling the overnight parking hotline, a service that will be discontinued as of Jan. 2, 2024. Keep this link handy for overnight parking requests. Please note that these requests are for occasional use only; if you plan to park overnight on the street regularly, you’ll need an overnight parking permit, which can be obtained at the Police Department.

The new link for overnight parking requests can also be used for vacation watches on your home in the city of Northville while you’re away on vacation or traveling for an extended period of time. 

Parking violations may be paid by any one of the following methods:

  1. In person at the Cashier’s Office, during regular business hours.
  2. By mail.
  3. Online
  4. Through the 24-hour drop slot located in the front lobby.
In order to check on the status of a pending violation, you will need to call the Cashier’s office during regular business hours. Please be able to provide either the ticket number or the license plate of the vehicle that received the ticket.
Now you can pay your parking ticket online

If you need to pay a parking ticket, online payments are now being accepted. The traditional methods of paying – in person at the Cashier’s Office at City Hall, or by mail – are still available. Paying online includes a convenience fee by the third-party provider, but often saves time over mailing the payment or paying in person.

Pay your parking ticket online
  • Have your ticket handy to access the number and amount due (on front of ticket)
  • A convenience fee will be added
  • You can review the full amount, including fee, and confirm it before you submit your payment
  • Click here to begin.