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Consumers Energy - View tips from Consumers Energy to save energy and lower your bill, and information for residents who may need help paying their bill or to avoid utility shut-off.

DTE Energy offers various assistance plans for low-income residents and seniors

If you are having difficulty paying your energy bill, DTE Energy, along with government and private agencies, can provide assistance. Visit DTE Energy's website for more information.

Here are some of the available plans:

Low income self-sufficiency plan
The DTE Energy Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan (LSP) allows customers at or below the 150% federal poverty guidelines to stay current on energy bills through a fixed payment plan based on income and energy usage. A portion of the bill is paid monthly with energy assistance funding.

Senior Winter Protection Plan
The Senior Winter Protection Plan protects all seniors (age 62+ and up) from shut off during the heating season. Seniors are encouraged to continue to pay their bill in order to avoid large balances at the end of the heating season.

Payment Agreement
A Payment Agreement is an installment plan available for all customers needing additional time to bring their account up to date. You must make a down payment and agree to pay the remaining balance in monthly installments, plus your current energy charges and any non-energy charges, on the same date your current bill is due.

Medical Emergencies
If you or a member of your household has a proven medical emergency, you can apply for shutoff protection for up to 21days. You must provide written proof from a doctor or a notice from a public health official identifying the nature of the emergency.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your energy bill, follow these suggestions offered by DTE Energy:
  • Install a programmable thermostat and set it at 68 degrees or lower – the recommended setting for winter.
  • Check your filter every month especially during heavy use months in the winter. At a minimum, change the filter every three months.
  • Check your ductwork for leaks, especially at joints. Seal off air leaks with foil-faced tape rather than duct tape.
Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency's (OLHSA) Weatherization Program

This is a program that allows income eligible residents of Oakland and Livingston County to have energy saving measures done to their home. All of the services are completely free and help residents save money on their utility bills.