Hazardous Waste

Voucher program for hazardous waste drop-off

Wayne County announced a new voucher program for disposal of household hazardous waste. The voucher program enables residents to take hazardous waste and electronics. (View a list of items accepted) to ERG Environmental Services in Livonia (13040 Merriman Rd.). 

Wayne County residents may obtain one voucher per household by contacting the Environmental Services Division at 734-326-5708 or [email protected]. The city has a limited number of vouchers that can be obtained in person at the City Hall front desk, 215 W. Main Street, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

Northville residents who live in Oakland County are not eligible to use the vouchers but they can deliver hazardous waste to ERG in Livonia without a charge due to a contract the city has with ERG. Wayne County residents in Northville who use the vouchers will save the city approximately $50 for each drop-off, since the contract charges the city on a per-use basis. 

Learn more about the program here