Downtown Development Authority

Purpose and Composition

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) purpose is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the greater Northville area through economic and physical revitalization of the downtown business district.  The DDA coordinates and supports activities to promote the economic viability of the the downtown area.  It also acts as an advocate for a safe, clean, and attractive central business district.  As part of its mission, the DDA works to promote economic growth by combining public and private resources to help drive development.   

The DDA consists of 11 members, including the Mayor.  A majority of the members shall be persons having a vested interest in property located in the downtown DDA district.  One member shall be a resident of the DDA district.  Members serve 4-year terms, and are appointed by  the Mayor subject to approval by City Council.  The Mayor makes appointments to fill a vacancy for the unexpired term only.  For more information about the DDA, contact the DDA Director at 248-349-0345 or visit the DDA website.

Meeting location
Northville City Hall, 215 W. Main St. 
Lower level meeting room
Public invited to attend

Agendas and minutes
Click here to be directed to the Downtown Northville website to view all agendas, minutes, and packets

Archived meeting minutes available here

2024 meeting dates
Generally, the DDA meetings the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m.

Meeting dates are posted on the DDA website

Current member list
*Vested Interest in downtown property
**District Resident
Brian Turnbull, Mayor
DJ Boyd 9-30-24
Margene Buckhave*/**
David Cole* 9-30-25
Aaron Cozart* 9-30-25
Steven Huprich* 9-30-26
Mike Jaafar* 9-30-27
James R. Long*
Ryan McKindles 9-30-27
Robert Miller 9-30-27
Shawn Riley* 9-30-26
Barbara Moroski-Browne, Executive Board Member 

Governing documents
DDA By Laws
Code of Ordinances Chapter 26 Community Development
Recodified Tax Increment Finance Act (effective Jan. 1, 2019)