Housing Board of Appeals

Purpose and Composition

The Housing Board of Appeals considers appeals from a decision of a city official in regard to City Code, Article IX, Housing.    

The board consists of five members, appointed by and serving at the will of City Council.  At least two members shall have such background and experience as the council shall consider essential to enable them to provide expertise in matters pertaining to building, plumbing, and electrical construction specifically and housing conditions generally.   Two alternate members are also appointed by City Council to serve when a regular member of the board is absent.  Members serve three-year terms.  For more information contact the Building Official at 248-305-2709. 


Meeting location
Northville City Hall, 215 W. Main St. 
Public invited to attend
Contact the Building Official for more information at 248-305-2709

Agendas and minutes
Contact the City Clerk to request to review the archived minute book

Meeting dates
[meeting dates and times scheduled as needed]

Current members
George Lahanas, City Manager

Governing documents
Ordinance - Chapter 14 Building, Article IX Housing