Honoring Members of the Police Force
Awards 2021
The Northville Police Department congratulated 15 police personnel (current and former) with a total of 31 awards for their service during 2020, which occurred during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas Barber received the highest honor with the Police Officer of the Year Award.

The new award of COVID-19 Pandemic Service was given to Chief Alan Maciag, Cpt. Gregory Hannewald, Sgt. Ken DeLano, Sgt. Andrew Kirby, Det. Brian Dognowski, Officers Peter Davis, Matt Duggins, Scott Groff, Tomas Barber, Melissa Vernon, Erin Larkin, Francis Cerulla and Michael Petri, retired Cpt. Dustin Krueger, and Records Clerk Nichole Hunt. 

A Life-saving Award was presented to Sgts. Ken DeLano and Andrew Kirby, and Officers Erin Larkin and Michael Petri. A Police Service Award was presented to Sgt. Ken DeLano, and Officers Peter Davis, Scott Groff, Thomas Barber, and Michael Petri. A Letter of Commendation was given to Sgt. Andrew Kirby while Officer Thomas Barber was honored with the M.A.D.D. Award. Officers Erin Larkin and Francis Cerulla received an Attendance Award.

Mayor Brian Turnbull distributed the awards prior to the Independence Day parade on July 5. Mayor Pro Tem Marilyn Price and City Council Member Patrick Giesa attended to show support on behalf of City Council. Not all police officers were present at the ceremony.
Awards 2020
The Northville Police Department Award’s Board recognized several members of the force with awards in 2020, based on their service in 2019. Traditionally, the awards are presented at the Memorial Day Parade briefing, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officers who received awards:

• Officer Melissa Vernon – 2019 Police Officer of the Year

• Sergeant Andrew Kirby and Officer Peter Davis – Life Saving Award

• Officer Thomas Barber – 2019 MADD Life Saving Award

• Sergeant Andrew Kirby – Attendance Award

• Officer Erin Larkin – Police Service Award (15 years)

"I would like to congratulate these officers on their respective awards. Thank you for your dedication and hard work," said Police Chief Alan Maciag.
Awards 2019

Awards - 2019

  Awarded for the saving of a human life

Officer Peter Davis (6th)
Officer Brian Dogonski (3rd)
Sgt. Gregory Hannewald (4th)

Captain Dustin Krueger (2nd)

Annual Mothers Against Drunk Driving Award for an officer's 
efforts in enforcement of impaired driving 

Officer Andrew Kirby (5th)

Officer Thomas Barber (1st)
Sgt. Kenneth Delano (3rd)

Sgt. Kenneth Delano (1st)
Officer Matthew Duggins (1st)
Sgt. Gregory Hannewald (1st)

Officer Matthew Duggins
Officer Scott Groff
Officer Melissa Vernon

Detective David Randall

Awarded for each five years of full-time police service.

Captain Dustin Krueger  25 Years
Officer Matthew Duggins 5 Years

The awards presentation takes place annually prior to the Memorial Day Parade.