Three big projects addressed
Posted on 05/13/2021
New, temporary outdoor area for Sports DenAt its May 4 meeting, planning commissioners heard from developers on the status of two townhome projects – one nearly complete and the other in blueprint stage – along with an appeal from a local restaurant owner to add more outdoor space as pandemic safety measures continue to limit indoor dining.

Expanded outdoor restaurant/bar area
Sports Den received approval from the Planning Commission to temporarily expand its outdoor seating area at 133 W. Main, Ste. 102, provided it obtains an outdoor dining permit for the area that extends onto city property, along with the appropriate liquor licenses. With the expanded space, there will be an outdoor eating area on both sides of the south entrance to Northville Square. The new area will be enclosed with a four-foot wooden fence/gate to the west of the current outdoor patio. As situated, there is still room for pedestrians to walk past.

North 320 seeks amendment to final site plan
The applicant seeking approval for the final site plan modification of North 320 must address five outstanding items before returning to the Planning Commission, likely at the June 1 meeting. Those items range from a front sidewalk, which was not set back five feet from the street as required; to front porch patios and landscaping that does not match the approved final site plan. The eight-unit townhome building faces the street with eight more units in a new building behind it, facing the creek.

Delano gets another extension
The applicant for the Delano (Cady Project), six townhomes with first-floor office/parking at 106 E. Cady, was granted a one-year extension of the final site plan until May 7, 2022. The applicant, Andrew Daily, previously received two one-year extensions and a six-month extension. He noted that delays were caused in part by the pandemic, outside agency reviews, and issues with the agreement to purchase city-owned parking.