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We inform residents, business owners and friends of Northville about what's happening in the city in several ways - through "Northville Matters", a quarterly newsletter mailed to residents; "City News", an online weekly newsletter delivered to e-mailboxes every Thursday afternoon; the City's website (see News and Archived News); and social media sites, currently Facebook and Twitter. 

The Communications Dept. works closely with the city manager and other city departments to gather information and research items used to write articles and take the photos that tell the story. We also determine the best way to deliver various news articles to distinct audiences. 

We are not just city-based, we are community-based. We report on news and events occurring at local businesses, and public and private organizations.

Photo courtesy of CVMedia, Northville.
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City uses new branding
The City is using a new logo that replaces a decades-old logo defined by curlicues around the letters of Northville rendered in the color burgundy. The new logo has a modern typography with an optional circular swirl backdrop and is rendered in earth tones of green, tan and rust. Vendors who want to include the city logo on proposals can find it here

An interim nameplate – the City of Northville with an image of the downtown clock and the tagline Historically Distinctive – was used on the website and in City publications. (See images below for each.)

The swirls in the new logo complement the graphics used in the City’s directional signs, which were designed by the same firm and installed primarily on light poles. Large-scale signs with the new branding elements will be installed at City Hall and gateway entrances to the City, mounted at ground level.

Bizzell Design of North Carolina was contracted by the Downtown Development Authority in 2019 to create a new branding identity for the DDA, which represents the business interests of downtown Northville retailers and restaurants. The logo, presented to City Council in 2020, will be used by the City for signage, stationery, business cards, vehicles and other applications.

New mastheads have been created for Northville Matters and City News by Julie Nyhus, a local graphic designer. They were initially used in the first issues of 2021 of both publications.

To see how the logo will be used, view the brand guidelines document.

New logo on top, nameplate below
Old logo in burgundy